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As the title states, I am resigning from my position of Deathrun operator.
Over my time as operator, I believe I've done my best to get the plugins operating that I wanted to see in Deathrun to make it a fun atmosphere for both the runners and the for the death and I can see that with a populated server this was a much needed shakeup to the same old system. However, As I've done everything I've wanted to, and added every idea to the server that I have wanted to include, I see no reason to continue as Operator. I've held the title for many months extra due to both the communities lack of motivation to keep playing and my own lack of motivation.
I know that I am not the one to populate the server once more, but I am proud to say that I set it up with a multitude of new ways to play the mode to be as fun as it can be for when it is populated. If someone more determined to keep player count for the Deathrun server wishes, and is able to fill that hope via the newfound Operator position opening, I wish them the greatest of luck in their success. I do love the Deathrun server as much as when I first played and I am sad to see its decline in player count for well over a year now, but me keeping the title with no real goal for myself, I do not want the server to die with me doing nothing for it.

I would like to thank everyone for the opportunities that I have been given, and the connections and friends that I have made as well as the general experience. I do genuinely wish Deathrun's revival and the whole of SNG servers revival some day, but I unfortunately can't see that happening with me heading it. Thank you all again, and lastly, have a great rest of your day : )

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