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where has everyone gone

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Where has everyone gone from the csgo servers? Does everyone just play different games now or moved or from gaming for school etc? It just feels weird everytime I randomly open the forums because even if this sounds "cringe" or whatever, a few of my funniest, happiest and or just my best memories come from the TTT, JB and other SNG servers along with the people who made it such an enjoyable and fun place to be in every single day.


I hope someday soon this community gets back to where it was and even bigger and that everyone is doing well where ever they are in life. 

And since i'm making this thread and I've never made one of those "appreciation post" things I just wanna thank some people that i remember even if they don't feel the same for me,  that made 2017=2019 some of the absolute best years of my life.

@ Hachithank you for being one of the most chill, all around good + down to earth guys i know
@ MERICAthank you for having the ability to make nearly ANY situation funny as shit and have everyone laughing their ass off

@Isaacthank you for always being one of the only ones that put up with my constant bullshit the most when I would try to annoy everyone in our TS room

@toobaanother just all around good down to earth guys who somehow always managed to carry me in R6 and take my twitch

@FlubberGasket me you tooba and aiden played R6 way to much together at one point LOL

@HellhoundI constantly RDM'd you in TTT and i am still not sorry about it :D

@Jayyyyyanother funny as motherfucker

@Aidenwhether it was R6, TTT, JB or in teamspeak we were most likely arguing about something

@skewbysimply put, a chill guy

@Ryanyou'd always manage to randomly crack a joke after anything and get the whole ts room laughing + you were crazy at fortnite when we all played it everyday

@BoxYou fucking legend i dont even need to say anything, hands down one of the best guys I know and is now one SEXY mf

@Patmanamazing artist and friend, so many funny moments with you, thank you.

@wooperyou're an amazing guy and you deserve the best homie

@proobs everytime you joined the TS channel almost no matter what everyone would start hyping up and getting their energy up bc you always say some dumb shit that makes everyone laugh

@SatelliteConstantly RDM'd me on TTT but was also a good friend and someone i knew i could count on to actually slay people

@PlantyI hope this is who i think it is, and if it is you always made TTT and TS channels fun

@jensyl I don't know what your forums @ is anymore but I hope you're doing good, again a funny mf and a good friend.


There are a few names that should be above that I know i'm forgetting and I'm sorry about that but to all of those above and the ones im forgetting, thank you for being some of the best mf people i have ever met and became friends with. and sorry for the @'s



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