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How do you guys feel about Pubg

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3 minutes ago, Pedro Deuces said:

g_KK3-9-RkWNUVdxDWo-xg.png wV0qJmGDSP29qmbvboWs8w.png

You sure he's the liar? :thinking: 



1 minute ago, Pengu said:

I don't typically browse the forums on my mac. I use my school laptop instead cause it's just easier and I use it much more than the mac. Plus I can't use my mac much because you know...


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Greedy developers who broke their promise of no micro transactions until the game is out of early access, needing to spend money to get camo clothes

Banning people for honking horns at streamers and banning for stream sniping with 0 proof

30 tickrate for NA 12 Tickrate for EU at one point

Bans for editing ini files

Intrusive anti cheat


Bad netcode

Client side hit detection

Favourtising streamers and letting them do things that would normally be a perm ban

In game ads and a developer supported premium accelerator

Censoring negative opinions and literally contacting lightshot to remove this screenshot GivS964.png

Good game but absolutely disgusting practices from the developers

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