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    Selfie Topic

    Update for the bois Tired af from one of those 18 hour days
  2. 12 points

    Ban Appeal: blank

    this is crazy i thought you were new hear
  3. 10 points

    Selfie Topic

    I figured since I’m making my return I might as well
  4. 9 points


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    Player Name Tubby Steam ID STEAM_1:0:83671751 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/SNGTubby Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Why would you be a good Operator? I have roughly 2 and a half years of experience with SNG's JB community, stuck around through it's darker days as well as it's more notable days, seen many operators pass, and through this time I've developed relationships with most of the servers player base while expanding this number as new people come around. These things make me a good candidate because I've seen what works and what doesn't, I am a reasonable person willing to listen to suggestions, noting what may or...
  6. 8 points
    Player Name Yoseph925 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:64269053 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/69y/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Admin Recs @Extacy @Mythin @B0xerz @Isaac @Plasticono Why would you be a good admin? I'm on the server pretty often I would say and sometimes I see that there are people who are cheating or mic spamming in the server but there is no admin on to take care of the problem. I think that thanks to my constant activity on the servers that I would benefit and help lower the amount of people who are breaking the rules of some sort. I think i'm well known on the AWP...
  7. 7 points

    is julia a male

    do you have an application written and waiting in your notes for the moment you hit 20 posts?
  8. 6 points

    [Application] » Server Admin » tieK0

    Player Name tieK0 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:183512926 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198327291581 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Admin Recs Jensyl, Isaac, rage, Plastic, Boxerz Why would you be a good admin? Despite some of my previous shortcomings within the community, I've continued over the years I've been a member to remain active and to try and contribute in my own ways to the community. I know most of the regular players and have good standing with them, so when conflicts arise I'm generally helpful in handling high stress situations. I have a lot of experience with moderating forum type websites and working with people in general, and...
  9. 5 points
    Player Name CurryAssassin Steam ID STEAM_1:1:98453068 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198157171865 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 19 Admin Recs Jensyl Mythin Plasticono Why Why would you be a good admin? I have been playing on awp server for a long time and have seen the server and community grow. While I have not been that active on the forums which I slowly have been fixing I am often on the awp server. Which I would like to help maintain and grow with my experience on the server. There are many instances where mic spammers and hackers are on the server and they are not dealt with as...
  10. 5 points
    I don't doubt whether or not you will do a good job as operator. I've known you for a fair amount of time and you're chill and fun to interact with on the server. You've been around long enough to know the nuances of the rules among other things, and do well as an admin. The thing that throws me and others off is your approach to operator. We've all noticed it. I don't think you're fake. I've seen how you interact with others and I believe you have the servers best interests at heart. But at the same time, as others have mentioned it feels wrong having an operator...
  11. 5 points

    What changed your life for the better?

    Going on a diet/ working out.
  12. 4 points
    Player Name Spooky eGirl Steam ID 76561198316186662 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316186662/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Admin Recs Nairb, Noodlesssss, Chiken, Tubby, Why, Jako Why would you be a good admin? Hello SNG community. Despite the times I am toxic which is only for jokes.Nonetheless, I am pretty consistent on being active on the servers of SNG mainly on AWP and Jailbreak. Furthermore, I know most of the people and members that have good history and are fun to play with who play on the AWP and Jailbreak server on SNG. I believe that with my consistency on playing these servers, I would help the...
  13. 4 points


    Hello, hope you are all having a nice day. Today at work I jokingly called someone a boomer since some of the kids here called me a boomer. I guess the IT guys thought it was hilarious and I got a lot of brownie points with them today. Thanks kids. UR keeping me young (; lo jk im in my late 20s and not that old but sometimes it feels like I'm old playing on SNG servers. It might be cool to get some chat rooms on teamspeak that were based on your age. For example, if you're between 18 and 24 you get a key to the young adult...
  14. 4 points

    best albums 2019

  15. 3 points

    MEGA GIVEAWAY -___________________-

    we get it bro you're just gonna pick zarn again as your winner
  16. 3 points

    señor admino

    ⓦⓗⓔⓝ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓖⓔⓣⓣⓘⓝⓖ ⓓⓔⓥ
  17. 3 points
    I usually dont buy keys on csgo for unboxing, but yesterday and today I was quite surprised by my luck. I decided I wanted to open some clutch cases 9 in total. I got a FT M4A4 Neo Noir. Very surprised I got this item. I then said screw it and opened some Spectrum cases. First case I got knife! It is a Hunstman Knife Marble Fade FN with a .01 float. Extremely surprised I got a knife and showed my bro in excitement. It was 1 AM when I opened the knife. I opened 4 Spectrum cases, and moved onto 3 Gamma cases. I was on JB at the...
  18. 3 points

    Why Zombie Day Should Be Removed.

    I agree. Day is a mess. I think it is best to remove the day FOR NOW until further balance changes occur/rules be put in place.
  19. 3 points

    [Application] » Designer » sainyn

    As comf has said, its not necessarily the fact whether you trace or not but the notion that most of your work is highly derivative of other artists’ specific styles and works. It’s sort of the reason while a good number of your works feels incomplete only just bordering on simple lineart to the point where I’m not really sure what your “style” is supposed to be. This is mainly due to the lack of compositional skills and how there are some proportion issues here and there. Regarding the logo submission, the requirements is that they had to be SNG theme and really other than the title doesn’t really match...
  20. 3 points

    Mythette Application

    I had no input in this he's just a fucking idiot so idk what the fuck this is
  21. 3 points

    New Server

    1 week
  22. 3 points

    Rule Change (warday)

    If Ts aren't actively pursuing the warday, tell em to.
  23. 3 points
  24. 2 points


    I to have seen players rdm. It is not good for the server at all. New players just don't care. We should just add a plugin that auto bans all new connections!
  25. 2 points

    [Map Hotfix] - TTT Cabin Fix I

    What? Getting rid of trees would just make the file size smaller Remove the shit prop throwing plugin and return props to their normal state with the old grabber (yes you can prop surf with it but who cares so long as no one exploits)
  26. 2 points
    omg he finally applied. Def +rep.
  27. 2 points
    A Staff member has moved this topic from Accepted to Denied
  28. 2 points
    +rep nice guy!
  29. 2 points

    Pink time

    pink namers are actually stacked rn wtf congrats isaac, glad i get to work with you more closely now (make sure u shower smelly)
  30. 2 points

    señor admino

    g r a t s d a w g i e white would look better on you
  31. 2 points

    señor admino

    Ɔouƃɹɐʇnlɐʇᴉous Ǝxʇɐɔʎ' I,ɯ soɹɹʎ ʇɥɐʇ ʎon ɐlʍɐʎs ɥɐʌǝ ʇo ʇnɹu ʎonɹ ɥǝɐp ʇo ɹǝɐp ʇǝxʇ so I,ɯ poᴉuƃ ʇɥᴉs ɾnsʇ ɟoɹ ʎon˙ Hɐddʎ qᴉɹʇɥpɐʎ¡
  32. 2 points

    What changed your life for the better?

    Holy fuck, this is a mood.
  33. 2 points
    Two parts: 1) Approaching my 5th year of survival (wow, can't believe I did that) 2) An actual full time job (hence the inactivity part on servers now)
  34. 2 points
    ive spent 400$ and have unboxed a single red worth 4$
  35. 2 points

    Introduction Maybe I Guess?

    I'm too fucking lazy to check if this is my second introduction but I haven't played in like 2 years so I'm making one and you can't stop me. Anyway, hello. A small minority of you probably recall who I am and to those who don't; hi, hopefully we can get along or something. Yeah that's all I had to say also where the hell is surf????
  36. 2 points
    U do know if you lie it affects the outcome of the app right
  37. 1 point
    Warden Frostwater

    [Map Hotfix] - TTT Cabin Fix I

    From what redder told me it was an area that the original map creator DID NOT seal off but I can't say where that "area" was. edit: I think that may be a plugin issue, but I cannot say. I need photo proof for me to look into this at some point
  38. 1 point
    Diam0ndz denied the submission
  39. 1 point
    +rep Has been active a lot recently and been enforcing rules even when member
  40. 1 point

    informative video

  41. 1 point

    [Application] » Operator (Awp) » Jako

    +rep deserves it. Very good man. He’s also banned off Minecraft for 30 days so he has time to play amp!
  42. 1 point
  43. 1 point

    Pink time

    congrats isack
  44. 1 point

    señor admino

  45. 1 point

    [Application] » Operator (JB) » Tubby

    +rep +rep +rep yes
  46. 1 point
  47. 1 point

    [Application] » Operator (TTT) » Klitch

    +rep Klitch is the best candidate for the job knows TTT like the back of his hand and has been dedicated to the server since he joined the community, he's very active and would make a great operator.
  48. 1 point

    hi im a sick shade of blue now

    congrats buddy well deserved
  49. 1 point

    hi im a sick shade of blue now

    congrats g
  50. 1 point

    Ban Appeal: ...........

    -reputation I was on when this happened. You're always complaining about points, KDR, and saying that "if you don't have 5k points, then leave the server". The admins also tell you to just be quite but you don't listen.
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