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    Hacked... But I’m happy

    Don't lie about ur setup bruh
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    Resignation :crab:

    Allo it tentacle-eater-crippled-vegetable-chan-fivehundo here. Words aren't my strong point, so hopefully everything is said in a way that is understandable, and if it isn't— I can't do nuddin bout that. SNG has been my favourite home, so I would like to thank you all individually for that, for contributing something each in your own way. I have always liked to see people from such different backgrounds, different areas & different lifestyles be able to unite over something they all have in common; I've always liked the unity in SNG. Admin chat is probably my favourite part (so if you don't participate in that much, maybe you should). I've always liked...
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    Terrorist Cups!!!

    How's it goin y'all, I was at my grandmas this past week and decided to shoot a little video for y'all. I turn 18 today bos, its been a crazy adventure but i cant wait for more Hopefully you guys enjoyed this as much as my Terrorist Pumpkin video lol. @Director @Global Admin @Head Admin @Staff @Isaac @shots @lexa @B0xerZ forgot to add you in the video sorry
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    erik :]

    Fundraising for Cancer

    Hello SNG, I’m sure I made a post about this last year somewhere, but this summer (end of June) I will be participating in the relay for life campaign and I need to raise some money for cancer. Here is my campaign page, if you do donate do it here: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/?fr_id=91884&pg=personal&px=47216060 All donations are appreciated and they all go to a great cause to help people with cancer. Many lives are impacted through this, so know any amount is meaningful. Thank you. EDIT: ALSO if you can’t donate but still want to help, just share this link around with people you’d know would be interested. It will help a lot!
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    Skynetgaming Team?

    The stupidity in this post physically hurt me, shots.
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    Selfie Topic

    I was man all along.
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    teaser part of a 11 minute convo with @DiceySAIYAJINbeing the meanderthal he is
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    Skynetgaming Team?

    I should've perm banned you when I could
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    Terrorist Cups!!!

    Now that's Merica's ass right there (go watch endgame)
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    What the fuck
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    not the best quality picture because it's night time and i couldn't get the lighting right for the life of me, but my specs are as follows: Keyboard: Logitech G-Pro TKL Mouse: Steelseries Rival 310 Monitor: ASUS VG248QE 144hz Microphone: Blue Yeti Headphones: HyperX Cloud Alpha Mousepad: Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray I also use Apple Airpods as my day-to-day earbuds for music and videos at school, and I have an Amazon Echo Dot. (i also have a deadpool pop action figure and a lil stone flower as well as a pink salt lamp )
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    I'm gonna miss this.

    both dr and mg were trash so it's okay. play a good server when they come back (awp, ttt)
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    Dumb 2017 clips

    where are the clips of you switching teams and sitting in spectate
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    How did you find SNG?

    Oblivious af, I played CSGO for at least 2000 competitive hours thinking that was the only thing you could do. I somehow found out about the Jailbreak server and met some great people. @near3 @Roadkiller02 @Tittbutts McLairne @Aiden @Jayyyyy @Patman and my worst enemy @GuardiaN I lived on that server. It was obsessive. I always find it crazy how much times have changed on Jailbreak. I found SK after burning out on JB and fell in love. Fast strafing, fast aiming, best shooting I’ve ever seen. It was competitive and alive. Sweat filled the air. That’s where I met @/\man @Medusa @BORING!z` @Hachi @Character @Ban @/<onrad @RedFlubber @Princess Bitch@motherfucker @Tomato...
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    Tell me which is your favorite and which is your least favorite, also give feedback Thanks
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    pretty messy and yes i have something under my comp to protect it from the electric carpet gods
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    Quick update- New server should be getting shipped to the Dallas datacenter this monday
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    books? gross

    I liked reading Rick Riordans books about greek, egyption, and roman tings.
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    For the non-Americans, what are AP tests/how are they scored?
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    How did you find SNG?

    Mid 2015 I looked for some awp servers to play cause I thought it was a cool gun, now here i am, the best awper to touch the planet.
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    How did you find SNG?

    To preface, a majority of my hours on CSGO are from SK, and all of my hours from CSS are from SK, meaning that I really do (or did, I suppose) love the gamemode and play(ed) it religiously. I started off on fragworks, because I met a friend named LearN, or Josh, through a mutual friend from comp. We instantly hit it off after meeting and after getting me hooked onto SK, I learned that he got banned from fragworks for cheating or being toxic or something idk. Being the good friend that I am, I decided to venture for new servers to see if we could both fit in...
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    How did you find SNG?

    Through iCamp. Met him on a bhop server, ended up doing info boxes for him & became good friends. Then ended up doing the Teamspeak, and eventually applied for Sodality after playing the servers a little bit. Ended up liking the community, made some new friends and now I'm here. *jazz hands*
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    old pics setup is a bit different but mostly the same. replaced the monitor stands with floating arms so i have more space yes yes yes
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    The front of my desk is chipped paint that transfers onto anything it touches, layered with a cereal box, tape and an ikea desk cover. I tend to have my keyboard mushed close to my monitor 24/7 due to otherwise not being able to fit my sketchbooks on my desk. And if it still needs to be said at this point, I don't like my desk at all.
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    Hello friends, Firstly I'd like to start this post off apologizing on the delay of it. I took an absurd amount of time to write this and I don't have any excuse for that. My apologies, I hope u all can forgive Within the past couple of months, SNG as a whole had gone through a lengthy downtime where no servers were online and the forums were unavailable to be accessed. For the sake of transparency, the reason why they were down for such a lengthy period of time was due to mal-intent of a previous developer. Many of our files were deleted and in many cases, we had to...
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    I bagged me a bitch today
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    "If two wrongs dont make a right; try three."
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    been a while

    We've had insane growth the past few months
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    y'all remember?

    Looking @ you nigga
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    Uhh hello

    Didn't know the forums were back. So I got a gift for everyone that is still here....
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    would u rather...

    i would rather u make a decent topic
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    Random Question

    I am underweight, but I’d rather stay that way than force myself to eat. I’m not having health issues, and I run regularly. It’s not so bad
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    Just wanted to give an update; Finals week for me so not much going on but -Dallas host racked & setup our new machine after a few issues have been sorted via support ticket -Forums & teamspeak will be transferred from our temp nfo VPS to the new server tonight -Pterodactyl is successfully installed, developers will be getting an email sometime this weekend to setup their accounts @Rachnus @Addicted @Diam0ndzx Will begin csgo server setup this weekend
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    How did you find SNG?

    Used to be a higher-up in HellsGamers, met iCamp/Pedro through a gaming community platform where all the communities were in it (it was called GCC I think). Me and Pedro/iCamp talked for a bit, talked about community events together (mostly just CS:GO Events that took the best 5 players in each team and just 10-manned it out) and just stuck around for awhile. Fast forward now, still here boys. :smile:
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    sorry for the shit quality. keyboards (top to bottom): corsair strafe cherry mx reds (osu and games, 3 of the switches are chattering at this point and they wont replace it.) anne pro rgb 60%, gateron browns. (typing essays/typing, has bluetooth) abs mechanical keyboard (alps switches, typing and for the meme) mouse: steelseries rival 600 mousepad: glorious pc gaming race large mouse pad monitor: benq xl2411 144hz headphones: logitech g430 microphone: massdrop minimic (very good option and alternative to antlion modmic that not many people know about, i always get asked if i do podcasts when i use this mic. it's a good alternative to buying a whole ass microphone....
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    Future Achievements

    Getting my shit together would be a good achievement
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    The color of my desk looks like shit, but I'll be getting a new desk from IKEA soon... Monitor: Acer Predator XB241H 180hz monitor Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite w/ Cherry MX Red switches Headphones: HyperX Cloud Alphas + Apple AirPods for my daily driver at school Mouse: Razer Deathadder Elite Router: NETGEAR NightHawk AC1750 PC Specs: https://gyazo.com/2e8911358f2e50520d4eabfaba216ce4
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    y'all remember?

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    invest into a retirement fund or a ROTH IRA so you can collect interest and buy any motorcycle smile but suzuki tho
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    How did you find SNG?

    TBH I don't know how I found the servers themselves. I started playing SK on and off sometime in 2015 or 2016. That time period was really fuzzy for me and I don't remember it well. Then one day @TROLLI asked if people wanted to play TTT. I had known about TTT from some YouTuber but never got the opportunity to really try it. After hearing about a CS:GO server about it, I snapped at the opportunity and hopped on the server for the first time ever. Despite only having 5 people I believe, I caught on immediately. There were a few rules at that time which were odd to...
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