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  1. 34 points

    hello im trump

    Hi, Im orange. sorry, but im not gonna @ specific ppl, but thx to everyone xtc is my wife, slippy is my baby girl, koris is my deranged side piece
  2. 32 points

    Jensyl's re-introduction

    Waddup fellers; figured id make one of these since its been a very very long time. For those who dont know me, I've been an admin for this amazing community for 5+ years and counting. I have been strictly AWP server for majority of my time here, im starting to branch out to other servers now though :) so this is mainly for those who havent really been around since the upbringing of Jensyl's Jewbakery; I also have a another group of friends/acquaintances called OTG or Off the Goop. Ive made countless friends and im sure quite a few enemies as well My life-long friends are as follows (not in...
  3. 23 points

    giveaway time

    Hello fellow skynet gamers! I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but I finally got some more hours at work and am ready to do a giveaway, I know these times have been pretty rough on all of us, so I thought I would give away 1 month of vip to 5 people, and if they are (were) a senior in high school then its 2 months of vip. Alongside that Ill be giving away 1 month of discord nitro classic to 3 people, and Ill be giving away a couple (like 3) of skins from my inventory that I haven't decided, but most likely around 5...
  4. 20 points
    Player Name Jayyyyy Steam ID STEAM_0:0:79641271 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/jaybreezy03/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 16 Why would you be a good Operator? I've been apart of the community for 2 years and an admin/super for about a year and a half. I'm on JB almost every time I'm on. I am also am always in TeamSpeak but have to get into using discord more often. I would say I have a very good understanding of the rules as well as how the server works. I want to make the server as enjoyable and fun as possible for people who are newer and the veterans. I...
  5. 20 points
    Admin complaints should be private. Any comments made on the post should only be viewed by staff or higher ups. Any discussions can be made between one another and any controversial opinions can be discussed with the players commenting it. As of right now, it's not needed the most right now, but can be useful for the future. Admins being reported can be questioned by higher ups once the report is made along with any other issues brought up by others. This allows others to anonymously bring up admin's issues that they may not wish to be known for. Obviously will be people who are against this, and all I...
  6. 18 points

    [Application] » Operator (JB) » rage

    Player Name rage Steam ID STEAM_0:1:123973881 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/thegenuinerage/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 19 Why would you be a good Operator? I've been playing jailbreak since 2014 when I first started playing counter strike, and have always found myself coming back to it. I'm already a mentor for jb and having said both of these things, I have a great understanding of the in's and out's of JB, as well as the type of community of the gamemode. When Noodles revamped the rules, I was in teamspeak with him after the meeting trying to help finalize the document. If a map was buggy or...
  7. 18 points

    [Application] » Server Admin » Samy

    Player Name Samy Steam ID https://steamid.io/76561198203975228/ Steam Profile URL http://https/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203975228 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Admin Recommendations Chicken, Spooky, Powerfulpie, Tubby, Extacy, Noodles, Jayyy, SaltyMeatBalls, Sunless, Sixredrish, Rage, Voidhord Why would you be a good admin? I've been playing SNG for quite a long time and seen many admins or higher ups come and go. From that, I have gained a lot of experience on how to behave accordingly in any situation and I have greatly matured during the years. Also, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about SNG and the rules we need to follow such as JB rules, TTT rules, MG rules...
  8. 15 points

    June AWP Event (w/ Prizes!!)

    Event Outline: This event is basically the same as the March AWP Event. This event will be hosted on the AWP server and will last until the end of the month of June. The objective is to get the most kills during the time the event is still active. The kills will be tracked using the GameMe panel. At the end of the time period for the event, I will post the top 3 winners with the most kills and they will receive their respective prizes. Rules: 1.) Anyone who wishes to participate in this event is allowed to have only ONE (1) account present among the top winners. This...
  9. 14 points

    [Application] » Server Admin » _fade

    Player Name fade Steam ID STEAM_0:0:149594202 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/fade31/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 15 Admin Recommendations Box, Jensyl, Tie, CurryAssassin, Jay Why would you be a good admin? From the first time I played the AWP server I instantly fell in love with it. It is a place where I have met so many kind people. I have made so many memories during my time here in the SNG community and I feel like it is time for me to give back to the community. I would be a good admin because i am very active on the AWP server and i understand the...
  10. 14 points

    bung is mad

  11. 14 points

    4 winner giveaway poggers

    Just comment and ill pull the winners 6/20/2020 at 9 pm eastern. big donk 420 post btw usps flashback min wear 2x st ww mag 7 justic e ft awp atheris
  12. 13 points
  13. 13 points

    This deserves a topic.

    https://play.esea.net/refrag @ Rachnus has been working on this for the past 2 or so years and he signed an NDA where he wasn't able to tell people what he has been working on behind the scenes. This is legitimately fuccccccccin next level and is gonna change the pro game that we all know and love. Gud 🇫🇮 man
  14. 12 points

    Cya homies

    I suck at these so sorry if it's shit lmao I've been a member of sng for as long as I can remember really and it's been a big chunk of my life honestly. I've had tons of great memories and enjoyed my time here but I think just like everything else, it's time for me to fully move on. Gonna miss all of you and if you ever wanna talk just dm me on disc. gonna give a little shoutout to boys @Duckyy @why @B0xerZ@redderfry@george. I'm not gonna tag them all bc it's basically half of the server. I really am gonna miss you guys pce.
  15. 12 points

    so uh

    https://streamable.com/8aze4o Just wanted to flex tbh, #42 lowest float in the world
  16. 12 points

    Ban Appeal: lewwy

    thank u for the insightful comment
  17. 12 points
    What if some other guy has some relevant info on the admin, like extra evidence but never thought to make their own complaint, if someone really wants anonymity they can use an alternate forum account, you could still privately report an admin in PMs if you didn't want it being public, transparency is a good thing, you'd know what an admin actually got demoted for.
  18. 11 points


    IF YOU WOULD WANT A LEAGUE OF LEGENDS TOURNAMENT EVENT AND WOULD BE WILLING TO PLAY SAY YES DETAILS BELOW The tourney would be random teams, or team captains depending on the players essentially running like how LCS is but in 1 or 2 days Min 20 players would be needed, but pretty sure it would be easy to get If team captains it would be done through volunteers or through a well known players decision who the fuck cares about a shitty event team staff, if you want to do this I will run it, with $75 prize pool. Type below with ign and if you would be interested....
  19. 11 points
    Poi poi Spartan

    Introduction... again?

    Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I visited the forums but I'm planning to stick around this time since I have more free time, am very active on the awp server, and I'm interested in helping out. I'm new to how forums work but I'll be as active as possible and learning. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
  20. 11 points


    He might be walling, but I think the more likely answer is this: Personally, I don't mind them telling each other where an afk player might be as it prevents the round from being dragged on. However, when it comes to pretty much anything outside of that, ghosting is definitely a big no no.
  21. 10 points

    Gir operator app

    did not laff
  22. 10 points

    Click here to see Pussy

    These are my cats. The top pic is my cat Bao, yes, like the chinese pork bun. The other one is mochi, like the Japanese ice cream. Dm me if u want to eat them, Otherwise, they are my dinner for the next couple nights. Hope everyone is doing well during these times. Stay safe!
  23. 9 points
    Player Name SaltyMeatBalls Steam ID STEAM_1:0:105692975 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198171651678/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Why would you be a good Super Admin? My very first interaction with the SNG community originated from the minigames server back in 2015, from then on I started developing a certain fondness for the server. You could say I am a minigames player at heart, and will most likely keep being a so called "mger". Thus, I aim to bring the MG server back to its former glory. I regularly try and bring pop to the server, and with my existing knowledge of the on-goings of the server, I...
  24. 9 points
    In-Game Name: Wizzkerz2 ll twitch.tv/wizzkerz Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:125900940 Name of the Admin that punished you: Toelu Reason why you got punished: Making threats to another player Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: Hi guys it's Wizzkerz2. I got permanently banned from the SNG servers for making threats to W1ll. "I'm gonna go to your house and blast you!" When I was making threats to W1ll, I was completely unaware of the consequences that would take place. I didn't mean for him to take it personally and it was just for a quick laugh. I now understand threats are a big deal in the server...
  25. 9 points

    [Application] » Super Admin (MG) » colin

    Player Name colinkr Steam ID STEAM_0:1:95883387 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/colinkr Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Why would you be a good Super Admin? I really enjoy playing mg when there is pop, and I do my best to try to get it popped whenever I have the chance now, and I feel like I would only be more committed to helping mg if I get super. I know im mainly known as a jb player right now, but I really would love the chance of getting super for mg and hopefully reviving it, and because there arent a lot of rules on mg compared to...
  26. 9 points

    GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!!!

    Hello, I will be giving away 500 robux split with 5 people I will also be giving away this skin (2 dollars) and this pin AND THIS SKIN TO ENTER REPLY TO THIS POST and join this discord https://discord.gg/PsQd8jr Reacting to this post would be nice but its OPTIONAL. if you dont bad luck for 5 years. follow all the steps and your entered!!! EDIT: FORGOT TO SAY WHEN IT ENDS. IT ENDS JULY 5TH
  27. 9 points

    [Suggestion] » gameMe JB stats

    The guy made a suggestion, you don't have to like it, but get the fuck outta here with the snarky replies.
  28. 9 points

    New theme

    Post any bugs you see here and I'll get to it
  29. 9 points
    I think that VIP gloves and knifes should come back, like the tiger gloves and the admin gloves. As well it would be cool to see the custom knife make a return View full suggestion
  30. 8 points
    Be on Teamspeak for your interview this Thursday around 9:00pm EST.
  31. 8 points

    hello im trump

    Taking bets on how long it takes until he gets himself banned or demoted!
  32. 8 points

    jb_vouch_v1 thread

    Hey its Milky, some of you dont know that im doing my own csgo maps, and about 2-3 months ago i started doing my first ever jail break map, when i started working on my map i couldnt stop i felt that it is something that i really love and enjoy to do, but it is very hard process especially doing it alone, special thx to @ Diam0ndz he was helping me with map designs and almost everything. So im already 2 months in making my map, and i feel tired amd bored, i dont have any motivation to do or just bored doing it, now i need either a...
  33. 8 points
    am gay for you

    3 Skin giveaway

    AK-47-Elite Build with 4 stickers M4A4-Evil Daimyo with 3 stickers AWP-Mortis with 4 stickers This will end 6/18/20 7pm central time , Im changing it if you comment i will enter you in all 3 giveaways And GL Add me on discord for questions. Giveaway time#2987 these are the 3 Winners add me on discord and tell me your one of the winners if you dont add me by 6/20/20 you will not get the item and i will have to pick someone else if you want to do a giveaway with the skin i gave to you can thanks everyone have a great day, Giveaway time#2987 my discord
  34. 7 points
    Player Name why Steam ID STEAM_0:0:135141314 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/questionablechoice/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 15 What is your current rank? Admin Why would you be a good fit for Event Team? I would be good for event team, because I have a lot of ideas I think are good. Even though I don't play the servers as much as I use to I hope that I can still be beneficial by being in event team. I also know tons of people in the community!xd Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Are you active on Forums, Teamspeak & Discord? Yes Have you read...
  35. 7 points
    Come into Teamspeak around 9:30pm est Thursday for your interview
  36. 7 points
    FrostyHearts <3

    Frxsty 2nd Intro :PogChamp:

    I know it's late night but I just wanna say I like most of the people when I first came onto SNG, I know I've been toxic and I can get a lil angry sometimes but I do appreciate y'all giving me love. I was a {Tango} Player , (Yes, I sometimes get onto Tango still) but when I experienced SNG, it felt different. Tango had a toxic fanbase but I still liked there shops, models, and gambling features. SNG made me have interest in it because of there particular fanbase, I was first introduced to a few people onto the game and I just wanna say that it wasn't...
  37. 7 points

    giveaway time

    here are the winners (also i decided to make nitro 7 and vip winners 10 so u have a better chance:) winners of vip (10) - @Samy @DKMIP @Sunless @Sixredfish @Mythin (gave to @bung) @redderfry @Malala (rolled to @IvanPSY) @Duckyy (gave to @Elegy) @Treeskers @coolduck (gave to @brysonsepp) - if you already have/don't want vip, feel free to @ someone you want to give vip too instead and ill count them as the winner. winners of nitro classic (7) - @Satellite @Toelu @syke salty @Noodlesssss @rage(gave it to @Spooky) @Ryan - same thing as vip, if you already have/don't want discord nitro feel free to @ someone you want to...
  38. 7 points

    Ban Appeal: Ludic

    simp okay send $100k to camp and im sure he'd be happy to unban him
  39. 7 points

    quarantine gamer

  40. 7 points

    2 VIP giveaway

    Giving away 1 month of vip to 2 different people just reply to this topic to enter if you already have vip you can still enter to get another month ENDS AT 00:00 GMT Congrats @Toeluand @colinkr I presume colin will host another one and i guess ill just pay for the winner on that one EDIT: I guess there will be a new winner announced soon congrats @flyback
  41. 6 points

    Random clips

    sorry for the watermark didn't want to pay for it  
  42. 6 points
    Long awaited have I brought it back this year... Sucks due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) I could not hand off my famed StatTrak SSG 08 Dragonfire (Minimal Wear) but instead, here's what is available this year: Simply answer the questions below to enter for any of the 3 items I got this year. If you showcase AWP skill or some insane sniper kill, you may be eligible for a bonus item (not worth a lot, could also be a Steam Game on sale that I totally recommend). - Bonus item limited to 3 members. (Final Winners: @Zarn @Bucket @Elegy for bonus) 1st Item: MAC-10 | Disco Tech (Field-Tested) - Current Value:...
  43. 6 points

    TTT - Prop Boosting Poll

    There are two arguments that I'm seeing from people who think it should stay. 1. You don't really gain an advantage doing so cause you're standing still and exposed as fuck. Yes this is true, but for the most part TTT is about information; traitors killing people as discreetly as possible. Anyone with half a brain knows shooting someone in the open when someone can see the whole map is a one way ticket to getting kosed. Okay so deal with the guy in the air then, pretty simple right? If the server is more populated, goodluck finding an isolated spot to killing that guy in the air. If you...
  44. 6 points

    The 2020 Summer Showdown

    I would like a new keyboard for Christmas My dream CS:GO skin would probably be an awp medusa Quick lil awp clip v awp nutty 180 flick.mp4
  45. 6 points

    Choran's Return

    Hola, my names Choran. I last played 3 years ago (apart from when I decided to use a bhop macro and get banned) and I have decided to return. I hope to meet some new people and make some good memories like I did a while ago. If you have any suggestions on what server I should play on feel free to reply. See you guys around. p.s this time I wont use bhop macros because I have matured and realized thats dumb
  46. 6 points

    3 Skin giveaway

    yooo giveaway cool
  47. 6 points

    3 Skin giveaway

    finally a giveaway
  48. 6 points

    JB fortnite day.

    when you accidentally permban broge when youre in admin panel trying to make a meme
  49. 6 points

    June AWP Event (w/ Prizes!!)

    Pack up boys, event's over @B0xerZ im gonna have to take that first place spot
  50. 6 points

    respect the drip

    a 480p video with both horizontal and vertical blackbars, gta san andreas music (?) and frags in arena 3 of the 1v1 server. -rep

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