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    Anything helps.

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    Moving on

    Just wanted to make a quick post to say goodbye to all you guys for good. It’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. Wishing everyone here the best and I might see you guys around TS if I ever am around. Thanks for everything. I would @ all the boys but there are too many of you. You know who you are.
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    Everything will be okay

    I know i am a retard and being serious in these forums is retarded so take this all how you want. However I know the demographics of this community is largely younger people such as highschoolers, and im sure many of you are really worried about the corona virus. I have also been pretty freaked out about it today, but I just want to put it out there to anyone who is struggling with the panic of this virus that everything WILL be alright. It will be hard, some of you might be personally effected by it, but keep in mind all news organizations make money off of sensationalization and...
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    Player Name ❃SaltyMeatBalls❃ Steam ID 76561198171651678 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198171651678/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Admin Recs @Nairb, @Spooky, @Tubby, @Noodless Why would you be a good admin? I have been an active SNG player for quite a while now. Playing this long gave me the opportunity to learn form the current and past admins, from their mistakes and from their successes. Using this knowledge, I aim to become a fair and respected admin, making sure all my decisions are based on the information I am given and not from any personal affairs I have. Active Servers JB, AWP Have you read and met all...
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    jaysnipes - Intro Video

    Hey SNG, my names jaysnipes, thought I would make a quick video for you guys. Check out this video: Regards, jaysnipes
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    ^ me rn
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    Ballistic Bacon

    Ban Appeal: ✪ BottomFragger

    Hey, I've looked on your previous kz bans, and it seems like you've been banned 2 years ago on this server's kz, but you seem to have another macro ban on a different kz server as of two days ago Seeing as you've said "If I do do it again, the admins can ban me again." I've seen it proper to comply with that request.
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    Anything helps.

    Hey y’all quick lil update we reached our goal thanks for taking the time to check out the post and those that donated during this time. luv u <3
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    Ban Appeal: GiClan | bucket

    Shots causing confusion and having stupid days? Surprising. @Tubby
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    Let's see: To start, you're taking it out of the bag by the handful instead of pouring like a normal human being. As you take it out by the handful you drop some of it everywhere, creating a mess. You MICROWAVED. YOUR. CEREAL. You microwaved it for 1:30. You uploaded all of this with a half-a-gig video in 4k. To be completely honest I am offended on every possible level right now. The only thing you did correctly in that video was put your cereal into the bowl first and then poured your milk afterwards.
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    Goodbye, Skynet Gamers Community!

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    Player Name suna Steam ID STEAM_0:0:442598499 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/suwuna Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Why would you be a good Super Admin? Recently there's been an influx in players on KZ, whom vote troll maps such as colors_v2, spacemario, and other deathtier maps to lower the population(especially at night). I'm applying for super so I have perms to forcechange maps. :) I've been in SNG on and off for 4 years now, and have proven I am trustworthy with admin perms, and have a basic understanding of how to properly moderate a server. Do you understand you are applying for advanced KZ permissions? Yes...
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    Zombie Escape Server Testing

    Hello! I'm here to inform you guys about the community testing of the Zombie Escape server that will be coming to SNG. This will be a fairly short post to just let you guys know about the basics of what will be going on. Outline This is a community test session being ran by @ Diam0ndz (using @ Rachnus' untouched and unchanged code) in order to see what final changes need to be made to the server, obtain the community's feedback, and to correct any bugs that are found while there is a population on the server. When Testing will take place on Saturday, April 4th at 1pm PST (4pm...
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    Advanced Forum Stats

    Hf Gonna make the nav bar look cleaner as well as some of the graph coloring when I have time my b
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    BLACKED is the best gang

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    I play jailbreak I hate deathrun its stupid that it has sauto hop but I love all admins even if they main the server I find jailbreak fun because I identify as a slave.
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    Updated JB Rules

    Jailbreak Rules General Information Jailbreak includes two teams: the Prisoners (T’s) and the Guards (CT’s). On the CT team, there is one warden and the rest of the team are guards. The role of the guards are to protect the warden and ensure the T’s are complying with the orders. The warden’s job is to give commands to the prisoners, keep them under control, and make sure your day is successful. The prisoner’s can either: rebel or follow the warden’s orders. Rebelling T’s can be killed on sight (KOS). For a more in-depth understanding of how Jailbreak works, visit this link where everything “Jailbreak” is explained. Basic Commands All commands...
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    MY INTRO!!

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    It's SneakyT , ya you know me

    Hey guys, Finally decided to make an account here since i play too damn much on the AWP server. If anyone ever wants to play comp, i've been slowly working my way through the ranks in solo queue (was gold 1 several years ago, then when i did my placement matches recently i got deranked all the way to silver 2, which is so hard to climb out of. Currently i'm Silver Elite Master again.) I'm probably one of the older people playing here, being 29... yeah. I have played CS since i was 13, when i got a steam account as a gift from my sister's BF at the...
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    Made it so that if admins are online when a new report is made it will block the discord message and notify in game admins
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    quake sounds were sick and would be nice to have on again https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=224316 i think this is the plugin we used to have for it ty View full suggestion
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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Super Smash Bros: Ultimate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fire Emblem: Three Houses Luigi's Mansion 3 In my opinion, these are the five best games that I could think of immediately.
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    Everything will be okay

    me omw to 40$ round flight corona vacation
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    [Suggestion] » New Days For Extacy

    maybe instead it ports everyone into cells with a grace period then the armory is like a cornucopia of sorts, where u can go get guns but youll be risking urself. maybe some weapon spawns could be added like drug spawns for maps so people that dont go to armory can still get weapons aside from secrets?
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    erik :]

    How's your day?

    no one cares that you are bored and no one needs a thread for something you can just ask in shoutbox
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    Ban Appeal: Blacktric

    whats with these stupid ass days on jb? lmao
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    I've never been much of a mobile gamer, but, forget everything you think you know about mobile games because Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2019 has just been released and will change everything. Just look at the level of detail of these characters! If you use the code in the description you can start with 50,000 silver and join the Special Launch Tournament, and you better hurry because it's getting big fast! You can play for totally free with the link below on your smartphone.
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    New Video Idiets

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    Hello everyone, The Course server is officially out! Be sure to read the rules HERE. You can join the server by finding it in the community server browser or by typing the following in your console: connect If you are an admin that is interested in becoming a Super Admin or an Operator for Course, the applications for those positions will open in the coming days. Bugs should be posted in the Bug Tracker forum, and suggestions should be posted in the Suggestions Tracker forum. See you on the server!
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    Everything will be okay

    https://thespinoff.co.nz/society/09-03-2020/the-three-phases-of-covid-19-and-how-we-can-make-it-manageable/ Even if the virus is inevitable, delaying infections can make the virus much more manageable, significantly reducing the overall impact and numbers of deaths
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    Goodbye, Skynet Gamers Community!

    It has been a long run, I have been every single role in the commuty. I have met many friends along the way, @i1997sora was probably the best one I had (sad to see you go mentally insane will be missed.) Seeing everyone leave and join has brought tears to my eyes watching this community grow up. I have been here from the beginning even before we had public servers. @ iCamp is the biggest nigger I have ever met tbh. I will never be back ever again. Honestly being in SNG was so fucking toxic I think I have become a worse person since i got here I gained...
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    shut it, no one finds JB fun
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    [FREE] Tomb Raider

    No one posted about this, and I'm not sure how long this will be free for (I meant to post about it earlier today but got caught up), but Tomb Raider is currently free as long as you download it afaik. https://store.steampowered.com/app/203160/Tomb_Raider/ Enjoy!
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    Ban Appeal: Treeskers

    +rep never thought you were cheating in the first place but higher ups with more knowledge thought you were but I really really really don’t think a kid is gonna be active in our discord and mc server for a whole month without admitting to himself cheating one time just to lie about it it just doesn’t seem logical in anyway except for if he really wasn’t cheating and just wants to play on our servers again it would literally be easier for him to “admit” he was cheating and apologize or whatever but he continued to try to prove he wasn’t cheating gl
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    Everything will be okay

    all these people buying all the toilet paper, we'll see how effective that is when I have all the plungers!
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    Bork Bork Doggo

    Everything will be okay

    For real though, thought that was a meme until I went to walmart and couldn't find either of those. Had to order TP on Amazon and they just sent me a big box of napkins instead.
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    Ban Appeal: okay

    He says he wasn't cheating, so the fact that it was 2 years ago means nothing since it was supposedly a "false" ban.
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    Goodbye, Skynet Gamers Community!

    satu and cortex sleeping together. how cute!
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    Betting on LR

    Cool concept, my only concern is throwing on purpose. Then again, if it's ~500 credits max it's not a huge deal.
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    Ban Appeal: masterchief

    I'm cool with unban, other than the sudden mfk I've had no issues with him. why bother if you give no input?
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    Ban Appeal: cool duck

    unfortunately not, never really recorded for a ctban. even if it wasn't intentional why throw breach charges near a stack of 20+ ts in the first place???
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    do y’all eat cereal warm or cold?

    why you using your hands tho for cereal just pour
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    Been a fun journey

    Hey all, its been awhile since I’ve been truly apart of SNG. It’s been a fun past couple years being apart of this amazing community. I’ve been taking the time to do more for myself IRL than online. It was vice versa for me, and it was extremely unhealthy. I’m working on myself and bettering myself every single day. The past few years my anxiety has been up and down, and I’ve had absolutely no self esteem and no motivation to really leave the house. I been taking that time to learn more about myself and what I’m really meant to do in my life....and most importantly, loving myself. Since...
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    Goodbye, Skynet Gamers Community!

    man at least make a thread if u want to do this dumb shit so I can farm rep off ur dumbass
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    Goodbye, Skynet Gamers Community!

    Ronde roeeeeeeeee 1 week from what I’ve heard
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    erik :]

    Goodbye, Skynet Gamers Community!

    this whole sequence of words is cringe
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    Selfie Topic

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