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    new ttt op boyss

    Heyo wtf how'd i get here!?! As you can see I'm operator for TTT o: shout out time baby! FIRST OF ALL... i wanna shoutout the mofo'n pizza boys! @ Hachi@Ryan @Isaac @proobs @Jako @MERICA @Jensyl @Zarn @Legendm8... you guys are fucking gods and literally the best people to hang out and plays games with. Even tho i get randomly flamed sometimes:) ily guys. Let's name some day 1 og's that i respect. @Planty @bung @Elegy @Google Fiber™ @*BrK @Satellite @Trumpet @arrows @Tay @IvanPSY @Jayyyyy @FeelsBαdMαɴ @Blueberry @BooM- @skrtskrt @Tomato @Smashy @B0xerZ @Spades @codi @sleepy my brain literally died rn and i will edit u in if i forgot D:...
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    Hey everyone I would like to make this post to everyone I've met and helped me along the way. I joined the forums on the 7th of July, but wanted to make this when mg got launched. @ Diam0ndz Thank you so much of how much you've done so far. You've helped me a lot with testing and I am very happy you've helped me. @ August I don't talk to you frequently, but I am very happy to you responding to me when I asked a question. Thank you for making this community revived! @ Pedro Deuces Free rep gang! I feel like we should talk to me more...
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    So the past few weeks I've been studying Invision's Developer documentation and learning how to create applications/plugins under our forum software's framework. Huge shoutout to the boy @Denros for answering some questions I needed, especially regarding the template system. Also wanna give a shoutout to @ Addicted and @ Diam0ndz for taking care of the sourcemod side of things to have the Last Seen On Servers and Country Flag columns auto update when an admin is on the server. Also tagging the boys who have been updating the actual roster database itself. I had to create a custom database instead of pulling data from either forums or sourcebans since we...
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    A short report

    1) August 2) STEAM_0:1:643053 *NOTE* PLEASE READ ALL EVIDENCE BELOW*NOTE* *PREFACE* I think it is very important that @August replies to this post. It is incredibly important to the continued success of SkynetGaming*PREFACE* ****It is also very important that the entirety of the community is given the opportunity to read and comprehend this report before any further action is taken against August or other members of the SkynetGaming Community. Thank you.**** 3) At approximately 1:20 PST Wednesday, July 3, a heinous act was committed on the SkynetGaming Jailbreak server(*JB). I started my day wanting and waiting for the JB server to go online and fill to fruition. As it did,...
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    Ban Appeal: sushi BANNED

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    hi again

    i'm purple now, so thanks to everyone who helped me get here/ befriended me since i joined. @Alex love you still my fav, always @Extacy Thanks for the motivation in the servers to reapply @Thing 1™ thanks for always joining when i invited you, i know it sucksp laying low pop jb but it really helps if someone does it @Sunless same as thing 1, you're really a good dude @erik :] thanks for bein a real homie all the time @ Hachi real glad we started playin games, youre super fucking funny and really cool dude @chicken007 C H ♿ C K E N (thanks for being chill and...
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    Ban Appeal: twin

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    Being here for a long time and going inactive for long periods of time doesn't give you any benefit of the doubt. Lead designer was considered staff (before Pat got promo'd to Senior) mainly based on the contributions of the person who is in the position, not solely the rank itself. You are just a former super putting out a massive ego out here. You must've went through some wild mental gymnastics to convince yourself otherwise. Everything I've witnessed from you shows you're self-serving, egotistical and narcissistic. Believe it or not, it's extremely easy to spot someone who is simply gunning for power; and not necessarily contributing for the benefit...
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    AWP Tourney

    yall are cheappppppp
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    AWP Tourney

    What The event team and I will be hosting an AWP tourney with the recent revival of the servers. We thought doing a tourney for AWP will help get the server back on its feet and get a steady population on the server again. When July 19-21. Matches will start at 2pm CST on friday and 12pm CST saturday and sunday. (if sunday is needed.) How to register Team will be made up of 5 players, 1 captain and 4 players. You may have a sub for your team but it is not required. Rules No stream sniping/ghosting. (don't think this will be too big of a deal but here...
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    please change the title to “why the fuck am i retarded”
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    Hola, So i'm back, for those who don't know who I am, the name says it all(my old name is Velox) I hope to see old friends and players and meet the new ones!
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    Player Name george Steam ID STEAM_0:1:193376655 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198347019039 Age 10 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I have been playing sng TTT for a long time + TTT in general for even longer. I know all the rules (enforce them whenever I can) and how to handle any type of situation. I was previously staff in other communities so I have more than enough experience admining/dealing with members in an orderly manner. I'm very active on the server and help out in whatever way I can, whether it's reporting an rdm, making suggestions to improve the server or reporting any bugs. Active Servers TTT
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    I just want to say to all of those who doubted me: fuck you nigga wtf did you think was gonna happen.
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    TTT Rules

    1. General Guidelines & Server Rules (Punishments - Admin Discretion) Ghosting is strictly prohibited No claiming areas or rooms No unreadable names (contain 2 or more English characters) No prop surfing, at all. (Do not surf to unreachable areas of maps, i.e Prop surfing, wall surfing or prop launching. Doing these things will result in slays or a possible ban.) No glitching or hacking of any kind. Spawn AFKs can be killed at 3:00 in the round. Anyone can be tazed without permission. No spamming of any kind, includes spamming E on doors. No HLDJ or software alike. Server SNG rules apply at all times. No changing your name to...
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    Neon Revolution

    Had some extra $ left in my account, so i bought a neon revolution, i'll give it away to some cunt who comments this post. Once the trade cool-down is finished i'll choose a person at random. Date can be found in picture below: <3 soz for the accidental like whoring <3
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    [App] » Super Admin » erik :]

    +rep just play on the server this time
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    Super appreciation post

    Hi and thank you for the super spot and I just wanted to thank all the people who helped me be a better admin. @Alexthank you for all of your input @Patmanyour definitely hacking one day I'll have that video @MERICA YEE YEE @ Diam0ndzthank you for all the work you did for the servers @Jayyyyy thanks for all the help when I was a server admin @TwinPlayz your crazy @Sixredfishthanks for the operator+rec @Extacy extacy=de sinc @redderfry grats on op @Warden Flamewater thank you @gabetry hard @Noodlesssss fun playing with you on the servers @Rage gg on super you deserve it @Bottomfraf not mic gang @Comf your kos always...
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    I'm gonna be real here, tbh you don't come off at all of realizing that you actually understand the context and view of both sides and just regurgitating what everybody has said like usual. Shots at least made a good attempt at understanding the others involved during the incident but however you here just come off as "nuh uh what about this". I'm going to lock this thread and let you both recollect on it. This is the last time I want to see another short hiatus only to have you do dumb shit again. Resolved.
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    Seems like you have beef with a lot of people on the server Shots. I watched the video, nothing really seemed bad about it, he slayed when he screwed up. You and others were firing 'shots' at one another (pun intended, i'm fucking hilarious I know) I think if the server is like that maybe you shouldn't be warden and let others do it, also maybe talk it out with people instead of making complaints on one another. Oh and nobody likes strict wardens. All of this is completely expected from JB players tho, y'all childish af.
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    Imagine typing all this out
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    Ugly Frenchie


    So like im the server bean yardy know me Im Barlos I been playing awp and sk for a while Yall might know my toxic head ass brother @Elegy Hes kinda just a worse version of me ya know. Rank C BTW https://play.esea.net/users/2246167 So like let m,e know about yalls. @proobs my young oreo @FeelsBαdMαɴ bean 0.5 @DeathShadow gonna shoot up a fukin school btw "Hahaha cameron joyce, better luck next time." @Barthur C+ btw hahahha
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    Add Deathrun back

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    If a hand wore a hoodie would it look like this Or like this
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    I talked about this before when with some of the other admins but wanted more community input. Having a specific countdown of how many traitors are left in the round ONLY going down once traitors are ID, I think it would help innocents particularly newer players and less logic savvy ones to: Increase awareness of players alive in the round Allow for last innocents to figure who is the traitor faster Decreases wasteful time of lurking and IDing bodies (late game when too many bodies; not enough time to ID). Bear in mind, this isn't to necessarily help make logic easier in a sense but should make it faster for...
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    im bad at names

    uh hello im bottomfraf i am a new admin xd My real names Ryan and I'm currently 17 years old, my birthday is on march 16. As you can tell already I'm pretty bad w/ naming almost anything but I try xd. I've been a long time player and joined sometime during 2016 and I just recently got accepted as admin. I just wanted to say hello to everyone xd. It's about times I finally clarify 1 thing tho, why I don't use my mic. The real reason I just simply don't talk is because of having strict parents ( my mom ). She doesn't exactly like the fact that...
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    BINGO anyone? Here is the second of three major announcements for the month of July 2019! Good luck everyone if you wish to attempt this mini event from Warden! Welcome to Jailbreak BINGO! RULES: Must NOT possess an active ban on forums or a permanent ban on servers No admin abuse or working together with players to do these challenges. If I catch that you will be disqualified and you won't be eligible for prizes in this event. Nobody is BANNED from this event, I am not restricting anyone to this event! The server must have 7 or more players for any of these challenges to count I do not...
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    TTT Operator Application

    i hate this kid -rep just kidding azecko is a great dude and would be a good fit for operator as well tbh to me all the supers feel good enough to be operator but best of luck to you
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    [App] » Server Admin » Elegy

    Player Name Elegy Steam ID STEAM_1:1:156201586 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/ElegyB/ Age 15 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I've played SNG for many years. since the Scoutzknivez server was like the biggest server. I've met so many people and made so many memories I want other people to have a great experience as I had here on SNG. I know the rules and how they are used and applied. I am confident that I can , and will be able to handle the server . I've had many times where people have broken rules and nothing was done about it. I want to be there in...
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    1v1 Server

    Hey gamers, The 1v1 server has been launched! The ip is In addition, with help of @ August I've been trying to get into Web Development and with it I have made my first Web Panel: https://skynetgaming.net/1v1stats/ Thank you to @Patman for helping me out a little with how it looks. If you have any questions, bug, or suggestion reports, please post them here:
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    A short report

    just say the word and I'll make u red
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    A short report

    I am so glad I don't play JB
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    Warden Flamewater

    AWP Tourney

    Great news! I managed to afford extra prizes for this event. 1st Place OR 2nd Place will additionally receive 1 Prisma Case Key for each of them. (Valued at $2.50 each) 2nd Place OR 3rd Place will additionally receive 1 Skill Groups Sticker Capsule for each of them. (Valued at $1.20 each). If 1st Place doesn't get the keys, then 2nd place does, and 3rd place gets the capsules. If 1st Place gets the keys, 2nd Place gets the Sticker Capsules and 3rd gets nothing but the credits. @Zarn I'll be sending these items to @Alex next week when they are no longer trade locked. Good luck everyone!
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    delete this
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    I’m just gonna leave feedback here, not really gonna rep you or not because quite frankly I do not care whether you get admin or not. From my experience with you in the past and currently, you’ve just been straight up rude. I don’t know if you were trying to meme or not, as we’ve had very few, very short encounters other then your rude pm to unlock this app by telling me your recs and nothing else. I had no idea you even applied. You made it seem like you were asking for my rec and when I politely declined, you were kinda rude in telling me that you...
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    - When an admin slays a player, it takes 15 points away from the player (max amount of points). Don't think it should be like this. - /follow is still not on the AWP server. This is a really helpful command when trying to spectate cheaters. - When spectating, admins do not have X-Ray. This makes it very difficult for us to catch people who are walling. View full suggestion
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    2 year appreciation + mg pog

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    I think we should make it so when someone calls a live check at 2:00, you HAVE to reply in chat. It's very hectic and difficult to note down who's actually replying when there are 5 people saying "live" in mic at the same time. @redderfry View full suggestion
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    Player Name Mythin™ Steam ID STEAM_1:0:6131005 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/pale_fire/ Age 17 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I have played SNG for about 4 years I know the rules and how the game is played and have evolved as person while playing on SNG and finally believe I am ready to be an admin. The reason I think I would be a good admin is that I have always wanted the game to be on an equal playing field and for it to be played fairly and I think I have what it takes to help the community grow and become better. Active Servers TTT,...
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    why the fuck did i get banned

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    erik :]

    A short report

    anyone on here dissing kush is a bitch
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    roniks >.<

    AWP Tourney

    Team Name: COQ N' BALLZ Captain: @roniks >.< STEAM_0:0:133924724 Player 1: @.Hop STEAM_0:1:120963782 Player 2: V3tis STEAM_1:1:38995223 Player 3: Tachyon STEAM_0:0:17398127 Player 4: @ness STEAM_0:0:54843046 Sub: @forge STEAM_0:0:99772894
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    As far as I can tell, it seems like mainly miscommunication between players. @shots try to chill a little bit but I understand where you are coming from. @Warden Flamewater Proactive instead of reactive administrating and to remain objective when handing out punishments. Seems a bit common that you tend to punish purely based of disdain for the player rather than actual rules broken. Try not to get your emotions be in the way of remaining neutral towards players as it's like 90 percent always better to work with the player instead of against them. We don't need to be losing anymore players as it is so be sure to...
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    Awp Atheris Giveaway

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    If you want to have a full-fledged drawing/designing software to use at a fucking steal, now's your chance to get it if you aren't so hot on buying a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Literally everything you need for basic and professional uses, but it ends super fucking early so get it. ONE TIME FEE NO SUBSCRIPTION USE UP TO TWO COMPUTERS AT A TIME
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