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    Sng Oriented Meme Giveaway

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    Sng Oriented Meme Giveaway

    @ proobs
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    Player Name Mythin Steam ID STEAM_1:0:6131005 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/pale_fire/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Why would you be a good Super Admin? I have played SNG for a long time and the main server being AWP I have always loved it. I feel I am currently the best candidate for super admin for AWP because I understand the rules and can handle situations well. I know the rules like the back of my hand and feel I can really help AWP grow and become even better than it already is. Do you understand you are applying for advanced Awp permissions? Yes Have you read...
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    [Application] » Server Admin » zp~

    From what I know of Slipknot, he is a super chill dude who would fit right in with the TTT Admins. He really knows how to have fun, and despite Admins being on, he legitimately tries to help enforce the rules (something very rare among recent applicants). He has a knowledge of the rules I'd feel comfortable with a Super Admin having. I have not experienced any of the behaviors Feels had, but I see how it could happen. It's pretty common for players to think they're you're bestie all of a sudden and do a bunch of weird shit because you said hello to them once. I do get...
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    How did you get your name ?

    uhhh basically i went into my first comp match when it let n like I had no clue what I was so like I reallyyyyyy sucked ass went like 0-19 n then someone was meming about some kid being bottomfrag so boom I changed my name to that n now i just switch w/ f and g as the last letter when i feel like it
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    sng me me

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    Ban Appeal: cor;fx

    Let's play find the difference!!!
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    So you do !raffle <1-500 credits> Let's say theres 4 people that put in 500 credits... each of them have a 25% chance to win the pot at the end of the round. the more players there are in the raffle, the less percent chance everyone has. the cap of 500 credits helps so no one goes in with 50000 credits and give no others a chance to win also this is way better than the !bet plugin we have on awp because people can't throw and make others lose their credits... it 's all RNG @ August View full suggestion
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    Town of Salem Event

    Redderfry I legit have no idea what the roles do and no idea how to do my will BUT IM STILL A GOD
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    powerful image
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    That’s where all my other y’s went
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    Ban Appeal: dyl

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    [JB] Add Slaynr

    You just said that the only punishment you can receive on TTT is a slay except for comms, which is wrong, and that it's unlike Jailbreak because of this, which, again, is wrong. We ban people for breaking JB specific rules, as well as TTT specific rules. Julia literally got banned for a week yesterday for RDMing. Not all of those rulebreakers deserve bans, so we use slays. If you don't grasp this then how could you understand how punishments are handled? Slaying people for breaking minor rules and freekilling/RDMing is quite literally the most basic understanding of how punishments are handled, which you didn't even get. But that "flaw"...
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    Town of Salem Event

    Good game everyone, thanks for coming out! Hope you all had fun.
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    School Stress

    some good advice is to actually study and stay away from entertainment or friends that will distract you. but at the end of the day your still growing and you'll hurt yourself if you stress too much over anything. School is very important don't forget that, but life is short so remember to have fun while still in school and just enjoy life, school isn't everything.
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    He is active, knows how to handle players well, and is overall a good admin on the server. I would love to have you join our super admin team. Best of luck on your interview.
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    [Suggestion] » Admins

    Since school has started for most people, they wouldn't be playing until late night or even early in the morning. If you play in any of those times and come across rule breakers early in the morning, make sure to record and report them (you could also ask an admin to come onto the server via chatbox or the general chat in the SNG discord). Also, since there is obviously a lower number of admins on the servers during the time you play, I would highly recommend applying for admin if you have met the requirements and encourage other players who play at the same time as you and are...
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    Favorite color!

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    Change the rebel option in LR

    The rebel option for LR is ass. You get one M249, no gained HP, and a beacon. We had a discussion about how it should be changed awhile back, but nothing came of it. I forgot exactly what most people agreed on, but we should change it to Negev, 75 HP per CT, and no goddamn beacon. sorry if this isn't the right place for this
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    THE #MAKEPROOBSWHITE MOVEMENT HAS PREVAILED on the real tho gz brother I've been rooting for u since day 1, can't wait to see what good things u will do for us
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    [RUST] Giveaway

    Watching Welyn and My favorite thing to do is kill nakeds Jensyl has seen this first hand
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    [JB] Add Slaynr

    You don’t even have admin perms so why are you so adamant on this? Also, freekills on jb where you’ll need to slay the person on the next round happen a lot less than an rdm on ttt. The game modes are completely different too, and slaynr would not be a quality of life addition to jb, just a useless one.
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    Getting closer to 2,000 posts but I'm obviously reserving that for something. Next Status Update on September 18 with my usual Challenge list sheet update. Also sorry to @FeelsBαdMαɴand @Chikenfor being overly retarded in discord this morning.
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    woo giveaway woo

    yoo hit me up and ty for the giveaway
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    Elegy Admin Complaint

    Deathstar is always running his mouth. He's constantly talking shit to everyone on the server and tries starting shit too. This is basically how deathstar is on the daily. >talks shit for a good min > admin tells him to stop and warns him > deathstar continues to talk shit and shit on said admin that warns him > once he gets punished, he argues about it on forums literally a cycle with deathstar
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    Elegy Admin Complaint

    @Deathstar227 It seems you just created this post to argue, you are disrespecting elegy, and admins in general, in this post and in your replies. It was a 30min mute for being toxic, and everyone responding is saying you are a toxic person. I think you should learn from this and stop being a toxic person.
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    very relaxed guy, has been helping out on servers, enforces rules and seems extremely mature gonna go ahead and give a big +rep
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    fr stop stealing my points k thx welcome to forums tho !
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    SNG MC Realm

    can you not
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    [Suggestion] » Admins

    If everyone becomes an admin, we wont have any rule breakers
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    Timetracker Pages (click server name below to redirect directly) Jailbreak (All-time) Jailbreak (This Month) TTT (All-time) TTT (This Month) Awp (All-time) Awp (This Month) KZ (All-time) KZ (This Month) 1v1 (All-time) 1v1 (This Month) MG (All-time) MG (This Month) ZE (All-time, unreleased soon) ZE (This Month, unreleased coming soon) *NOTE: All servers have been tracking only since August 14th, the all-time page data will never be wiped from here on out. The monthy page data will be wiped automatically on the 1st of every new month going forward. Shoutout to the boy @ Diam0ndz for making some changes to the timetracker plugin I needed such as auto monthly table wipes...
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    hbd frog

    hbd frog
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    How did you get your name ?

    I was really into mythology when i was younger and Myth was taken so I added the i n at the end
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    How did you get your name ?

    hachi = 8 in japanese 8 is my favorite number
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    How did you get your name ?

    used to be “ragequitginger” and an ex-admin named rarity for whatever community abdul owned, i forget the name, got offended that ginger was in there “because he’s a ginger.” i am too, obviously, but from then on out i just changed my name using different nicknames that included “rage” until i just settled on rage. its a boring story but i used to get hella angry at people online. now i just get mad at myself for sucking dick at games.
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    add a All Servers (All-time) and a All Servers (This Month) option to timetracker? View full suggestion
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    +rep for ziggy, good guy stays chill and collected. Would make a great admin, also knows the rules
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    1 year woop

    gosh i just love you so much rawr
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    happy burfday brick

    happy burfday brick
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Knife Name

    gay buttplugs
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    It's About Time I Say This...

    You were an admin, damn, cya homie
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    [Application] » Server Admin » SnKcx

    +rep very chill and friendly, very active
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    Congrats Proobs, get a lot of work done buddy
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    Ban Appeal: Donkey Kong

    @dudemannn he means if your brother happened to be banned it'd be simple for him to log onto your account and act as if you're the same person? It's pretty simple man
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