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  1. So it looks like I am apart of event team. I want to know what events you would like to see in the future. So please reply on this on what game or activity you would want to do as an event. *This is just for me to get an idea on what the community wants to see for future events*
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  3. People age and cherish different things, find different responsibilities. The people who once roamed on JB will never get-on ever again, and we just have to become content with that fact. The only way to revive JB is to create a place where a new audience would like to play in; it's a small cost to pay for the revival of JB. It's merely a matter of how that would be made to be; is it thought the means of new admins, new establishment as a whole ,or it's just a means of the game being dead; SNG might be something people do not want to be part of anymore, i don't know don't ask me. But if y
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  4. I joined JB about over a year ago and seeing people on everyday at 4 - 9 was probably the best part of getting off school and seeing people having fun and joking around was also my favorite part of it. Then new players joined and it went down hill fast from the young audience getting introduced to new cuss words that fueled the fire and hearing 7 year old's not having fun or screaming at you just either made you mad, sad or just not wanna play anymore. From my point of view that's what I saw that killed JB. Edit: we cant really fix the state of JB, new people who rdm or just don't know
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