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  1. Merry Christmas. I wish everyone is happy.
  2. You were rdming every round and i've seen you on the server before multiple times. You know the rules but rdmed because you didn't think an admin was on. Nice appeal retard . :D
  3. never seen u on ttt before? jk jk +rep, active and friendly admin (violet pearlpaw)
  4. love u dondo, i'll miss u
  5. s1d

    Selfie Topic

    remember sid from toy story? this is him now.
  6. i go by s1d now bc i look like sid from toystory :D
  7. +rep very active, follows rules, and makes fire music
  8. s1d

    Favorite Food

    I was wondering what everyones favorite food is on the forums, mine are pasta, ramen, and sushi. I have many more but these are the ones i seem to always be craving. What are yours?
  9. s1d

    One day break

    RIP, sorry for your loss. Keep your head up man<3
  10. s1d


    aos office and dolls regardless of role :)
  11. +rep gr8 guy and always is super laid back and gets serious when he needs to be


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