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  1. Okay, thanks @Duckyy. Best, Mako
  2. @Duckyy, so I was banned yesterday in essence, on the server, but the higher up only had the chance to ban me today? So I'm banned yet again for another day? I'm still a little confused, because if the higher up was only able to ban me today at 2:34, why could I not access the server anytime before 2:34? Is the ban timer starting as soon as the higher up approves of it, or as soon as I am banned from the server? Thanks for clarifying though, I'm just trying to figure it out. Best, Mako
  3. I understand the RDMing, but the issue is I haven't even played on the server today at all. How could have I been banned at 2:34 if I wasn't on the server at all today?
  4. In-Game Name: Mako Tako Steam ID: 76561198199420169 Name of the Admin that punished you: Lemonardo Reason why you got punished: "Avoid punishment on slaying" Length of your punishment: 1 Day Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I have no idea why I was banned. I had rdm'd several times by accident throughout that same week and had been slayed within those servers. You can ask players zp and admin mythin if you're unsure. I'm not even sure how you can avoid slays? The only possible thing I can think of was a map change. Once, Mythin had issued a slay before the map ended, then the map changed and I didn't get slayed. But even still then, I was slayed directly the round after by Mythin and all was well. One day I quite literally died during the round, went to pee, standing in place afk for around 1 min, then came back banned, no explanation whatsoever or anything from server admin besides "avoiding punishment". I know that some people hate me on that server for rdming sometimes when I shoot an inno while i'm shooting a traitor, but I don't think that constitutes a ban. It's also been one day since my ban on 7/25/19 at 2:30~ PM, and that ban hasn't been lifted yet and I'm kinda sad. I really enjoy playing on the TTT server but rip I guess. Thanks for reading my appeal. Best, Mako Tako
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