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  1. My only real issue with prop boosting is that it's going to make enforcing the rules a lot more difficult, trying to clarify to players what counts as acceptable boosting, and what would be an exploit since it seems like there's a pretty fine line between the two. Aside from that I can also see it being really frustrating as a T to think you are alone, kill a player, only to then just be picked off by someone floating in the sky with a clear view of the entire map.
  2. Welcome to the forums! hope to see you on ttt or awp sometime
  3. Remember seeing some sort of mirror plugin being showcased here a while back for that exact reason. Not sure what ever came of that though. But yeah, would be really nice to see that feature added to servers.
  4. Got this audiovox flip phone my junior year in highschool. Thing could store like 30 pictures, was pretty sweet.
  5. +rep , Played with him a few times and seems like a really chill guy
  6. Got this message from your account a few days back. Figured something sketchy was up here
  7. Thanks for the giveaway
  8. Can't go wrong with something like an Audio Technica AT 2020 and a cheap audio interface like a behringer UM2. Should fit in that budget well and sound really good. From there you could always upgrade the UM2 to something nicer like a focusrite 2i2 or something for some nicer preamps, but the cheap behringer stuff isn't at all bad for the price.
  9. +rep been an admin for a long time and always a lot of fun to play with
  10. Bork Bork Doggo


    Yeah, the bug is also repeatable. Happens any time someone uses the T trap
  11. One thing to keep in mind is that the games won't look as nice on modern TVs since they were designed around how CRTs blend pixels and handle non native resolutions. Also the games will play a bit different because even the best of modern monitors have slightly higher input latency than the TVs these games were designed for. Might be worth checking local craigslist because often enough you can find older CRT tvs for free, or sub $10 and games from this era do perform a bit better on them. Oh, and also stuff like duck hunt that use light guns wont work on a modern TV.
  12. Didn't know this existed. Thanks for the link.
  13. I would love to see a video that showcased all the cosmetics and stuff. Right now you basically just have to buy something and hope you like it. I'd be willing to put a video like that together if there was someone who had access to all the cosmetic items to showcase.
  14. For real though, thought that was a meme until I went to walmart and couldn't find either of those. Had to order TP on Amazon and they just sent me a big box of napkins instead.
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