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  1. Bork Bork Doggo


    One thing to keep in mind is that a completely new player to TTT will inevitably RDM once or twice while learning the rules. Although getting RDMd is definitely annoying, sometimes it makes more sense to help explain the rules to a new player than to immediately jump to wanting them punished. A lot of the time when this happens, it's not someone maliciously targeting you, it's just a new person that doesn't quite understand how things work yet.
  2. Played with fk, doorstep, and ethot before and they were all crazy toxic and were causing problems. Considering the targeted rdm in these clips alone these guys probably deserve some sort of ban. It's not like they don't know the rules, they just take any chance they can to break them. Pretty sure @Azecko was around when they were on the other night.
  3. It's a big +rep from me. Klitch has always been super active and knows the rules as well as anyone. More importantly though he always keeps the server fun and interesting for everyone whether it's through stuff like his "klitch raffle" and giveaway he organized, or just general fun interaction, he keeps people having a good time and coming back. Also whether you like or agree with his ideas like breaking up the map pool, it shows he's always thinking of new ways to keep the server fresh to keep people playing, and I think ideas like that are really important for keeping server population up and growing long term.
  4. Wasn't this intentional? I remember when it first started happening everyone just accepted it as part of how the game works.
  5. +rep Always helpful and keeps the server fun for everyone. Also managed to repop the server after it was dead for a while.
  6. I like the idea of breaking up the map pool. Would be a good way to prevent the usual 4 or 5 maps from just getting played over and over.
  7. Really depends on budget and if you just want something that sounds good enough in game, or you plan on doing some sort of content creation. A few others have suggested the AT2020 and it is a very good entry level condenser mic. However if background noise is an issue for you, I'd probably recommend a dynamic mic instead like the SM58, which is basically the most popular live performance vocal mic there is. Also, although the setup costs a bit more, I would definitely recommend going xlr mic and interface over usb mic. USB may seem like the cheaper and easier solution, but you end up with much higher quality preamps if you go with an xlr setup. Plus it leaves openings to further improve sound with in line compression or EQ if you wanted to take things further. If you're looking to just go all out and get a mic that you'll never feel the need to upgrade from, check out the SM7B.
  8. True, surprisingly not the oldest regular on the server though. Also @Comf @Klitch @Extacy because I forgot to do that in the main post.
  9. Player Name Bork Bork Doggo Steam ID STEAM_0:1:95984184 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152234097 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 28 Admin Recs Klitch, Comf, Why, Extacy Why would you be a good admin? I think I would be a good admin because I always try to help new players learn all the basics of the game, what all the commands do, and explain the rules to them if they ever have any questions. Aside from that, I'm very active on the TTT server (pretty sure I currently have the most hours in SNG since the time tracker came out) and tend to play during the later hours of the night where currently there are rarely any admins, and the most randoms who don't really know how the game works wind up on. If I become admin I feel I could do a lot to improve the experience of late nights on the server. Active Servers TTT Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  10. Karma still seems to be broken. But does work fine on detectives for some reason.
  11. The new round start countdown has a dollar sign for no apparent reason and tells us to "eliminate the Hig". Also currently when you look at someone, the normal karma status message now displays wrong.
  12. The new round start countdown has a dollar sign for no apparent reason and tells us to "eliminate the Hig". Also currently when you look at someone, the normal karma status message now displays wrong. View full bug
  13. Since this op comes with some official player models, any chance of us seeing them ported over to some of the servers here?
  14. It's always happened to me occasionally, but it happened way more often than it used to this last week.
  15. I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but when playing on the server your game will occasionally crash while loading next map. I don't think this is an issue on my end since I've heard others encounter the same thing, and the only time I ever experience game crashes are on the TTT server on map change or the second new map loads in.
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