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  1. Ive been immature because I realize nothing will happen but thank you for your opinion. Sorry I dont know how to quote one part of your text. Sleeps been toxic every round past of this post as well so I admit that last sentence wasnt needed but I decided to post it anyway.
  2. Yea to you, that doesnt count dude im talking about the real admins who were there
  3. HAHA FORGE, you right, I like how he even liked your post.
  4. Almost no one took it as a joke even the admins were telling him to chill. Are you mad about the last line I included? I was brought up in the last meeting most likely due to an admin who gave me bad advice and my thing got reduced to 2 days. Idk why your so salty about this anyway take your rage meds lmao.
  5. I cut my "reason for being made" down to a few sentences because the clip explains it all. Thanks for your time forum mods.
  6. 1) Admin's in game name(s) - .AJ 2) Steam ID(s) of reported admin(s) - STEAM_0:0:59715099 3) Reason for report being made - Disrespects me at the start of the clip, then me not knowing that he's admin I said something back. He said, "I'll slay you" so I said your not an admin and then he instantly slays me mid round. Wasnt planning on posting here but he told me to go to the forums if I had a problem like most admins do so I did. Sleepy comes in after trying to kiss up to him because I guess their in a gay relationship, I dont judge but keep it in the bedroom lol. 4) Evidence against admin(s) being reported - https://medal.tv/clips/7114593/MbeFl27ORuhP should be enough proof :) dm me if you need more and actually consider this please haha, I know most are instantly shut down, but it would be cool to put this dude in his place.
  7. https://medal.tv/clips/6572237/d1337GABSoxP https://medal.tv/clips/6572333/d13378Taep5u Thanks he rdm then left
  8. My screenshot isnt much proof so that is why i'd like our conversation logs from that round too prevent any doubt that im innocent.
  9. In-Game Name: DeadlyAWPer Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:513417324 Name of the Admin that punished you: Ducky Reason why you got punished: "attempt at mfk" Length of your punishment: 4 days Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I'd like to request a list of my private dm's between bottomfraf that happened 2 days ago on princess skyscraper. Had a detailed discussion about what is/is not allowed when you are T baiting. I got innocent around 10 times in a row and was bored so I messaged admin chat and you can see that in the screenshot below. All my proof is in those private messages on that round. He told me it was alright to shoot people but if I was seen shooting someone I can get called KOS and someone can kill me and it wont be RDM. I proceeded to follow these detailed rules and I casually played like a T for a few rounds and shot people in the foot and hid/roamed around the people that I'd shoot. It was fun and I me and a friend laughed about it afterward but I got banned for it even after showing the admin my screenshot I took. Please act fast if possible, thanks for reading. (I know dev's can access those logs so please do it TY)
  10. 1) Admin's in game name(s) - Xeno 2) Steam ID(s) of reported admin(s) - https://steamcommunity.com/id/XenoKZ/ 3) Reason for report being made - Slayed mid round after seeing I was T then left before the next round started 4) Evidence against admin(s) being reported - i have a clip of the aftermath but not the stuff before because I thought the 4 admins would have done something about it
  11. I threw a molly and apparently thats slayable but he slayed me mid round instead of waiting for the round to end. Had about 4 admins for eyewitnesses, my clip captures the aftermath but I didnt do it in time for it to matter because I thought admins would have handled it. The admin that did this was Xeno.
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