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  1. bruh this is a vip talking, im not here for vip opinions im here for staff opinions haha!
  2. ok thank u sir i am sorry for my actions it will not happen again!
  3. unban me or ill drown your goldfish
  4. yea but i figured out its actually 2 months +
  5. Idk what else to say in my reasoning. I wont throw guns on the floor and throw nades at them again.
  6. In-Game Name: DeadlyAWPer Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:150747227 Name of the Admin that punished you: Unknown maybe Noodles Reason why you got punished: Dropping guns in armory as T and throwing a nade Length of your punishment: 1 week (i thought maybe perma by now) Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I will not throw nades at guns and I am sorry for throwing nades at guns
  7. Ive been immature because I realize nothing will happen but thank you for your opinion. Sorry I dont know how to quote one part of your text. Sleeps been toxic every round past of this post as well so I admit that last sentence wasnt needed but I decided to post it anyway.
  8. Yea to you, that doesnt count dude im talking about the real admins who were there
  9. HAHA FORGE, you right, I like how he even liked your post.
  10. Almost no one took it as a joke even the admins were telling him to chill. Are you mad about the last line I included? I was brought up in the last meeting most likely due to an admin who gave me bad advice and my thing got reduced to 2 days. Idk why your so salty about this anyway take your rage meds lmao.
  11. I cut my "reason for being made" down to a few sentences because the clip explains it all. Thanks for your time forum mods.
  12. 1) Admin's in game name(s) - .AJ 2) Steam ID(s) of reported admin(s) - STEAM_0:0:59715099 3) Reason for report being made - Disrespects me at the start of the clip, then me not knowing that he's admin I said something back. He said, "I'll slay you" so I said your not an admin and then he instantly slays me mid round. Wasnt planning on posting here but he told me to go to the forums if I had a problem like most admins do so I did. Sleepy comes in after trying to kiss up to him because I guess their in a gay relationship, I dont judge but keep it in the bedroom lol. 4) Evidence against admin(s) being reported - https://medal.tv/clips/7114593/MbeFl27ORuhP should be enough proof :) dm me if you need more and actually consider this please haha, I know most are instantly shut down, but it would be cool to put this dude in his place.

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