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  1. LMAO idk yet im still thinking bout applying i might though but not right when i hit post count lmao, and i like rocky road or cookies n cream!
  2. So since im new to forums i want to get to know you guys so tell me your in game name, favorite steam game, and favorite ice cream flavor i guess lmao and if you wna get to know me ill reply so yea.
  3. @Isaacare those yr cats cause they sum cute ass cats lmao, and that last animal is rare species huh.
  4. So i got 2 dogs and im curious what animals do you guys have either send in a pic or just reply what animals you got.
  5. Hey my in game name is Cloudy, you'll mostly see me on jailbreak. Im 14 and yeah this is my introduction so reply or do whatevs you want lmao bye.
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