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  1. ‣ What's the last thing you got mad about? Listening to Gustav Dragovitch's story about his yammering wife for the umpteenth time. ‣ What is something you have put-off doing? (procrastinated) Telling that fucker to zip it about his yammering wife ‣ What was your first job? - If you haven't had one, where would you apply for? Crack whore ‣ What brings the feeling of nostalgia to you? Crack ‣ Is there anything you are saving up (ya monies) for? Crack ‣ What do you spend too much time doing? Not doing more crack ‣ Paste whatever is on your clipboard! Or what, are you a little bitch? https://www.windows93.net/ ‣ What's the last news article you read? "Peace! Japan Capitulates!"
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    I just ate ravioli and I'm from Italy. The opioid crisis was created by the CIA to eliminate the weak minded.

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