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  1. if ima be honest, cortex was one of the players that made the server fun back then for example: satu and cortex meme. yes he was toxic but im sure he changed and he seems very apologetic in his appeal to icamp and much other admins. give him another chance, good kid, i play with him almost daily, hes not that annoying like he used to be. +rep would also bring back jb pop since he was very active before.
  2. https://medal.tv/clips/29766263/d1337sk5YNhR when you go on a ladder during a freeze tag day, you cannot be tagged meaning you will basically win if you just stay on it for the whole day. this bug has been around for a long time, and i've reported it in the past but it seems to never have been fixed.
  3. sorry for this shitpost but like fr when i go to this page i dont wanna fucking see a bald head plz delete it
  4. welcome back zar coon group on top. also use your mic more often like u used to !!
  5. go back to tango lol. anyways +rep seems apologetic and could help the dead servers by adding an extra player. gl
  6. +REP OMG THE GOAT WTF GIVE IT TO HIM!!!!! Also if you are operator add catch in act and bring back speed gun toss
  7. hey Tristan popek. Was wondering if you would like to play SNG later?

  8. idk why this guy got banned. if you cant allow your feelings to be hurt, then get off the internet
  9. he got that milkymay wifi
  10. +rep seems very apologetic and thats one more active player to return to the SNG servers. I also didn't have any problems with him.

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