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  1. guys just saying people literally do this like everyone and i was clearly shooting at the ceiling just sayin
  2. brasican2004


    China Numba Wan (STEAM_1:0:178151894) Litteraly rdmed me out of nowwhere shown in the clip sorry for no mic volume from me
  3. Meliodas (STEAM_1:1:171231769) He rdmed and left, he also false reported someone after this happened and we were trying to get the story of what happened [Meliodas (STEAM_1:1:171231769) (Innocent) damaged g R a Y b A c O n (STEAM_1:0:449321446) (Innocent) for 33 damage with weapon_famas] - BAD ACTION, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895648472 , https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895648454
  4. Bubbs STEAM_1:1:197528378 He left right after but i dont have logs, he killed me as detective [Bubbs (STEAM_1:1:197528378) (Innocent) damaged brasican2004 (STEAM_1:0:182888182) (Detective) for 153 damage with weapon_knife] - BAD ACTION
  5. so i went on csgo to play a lil before bed see some of the homies kiss them goodnight the usual, and now the server is out of my favorites and when i went to add by ip the server doesnt even load up. is something happening with the servers rn? Edit: well everyone thank you for the answers
  6. brasican2004


    theduf1 (STEAM_1:1:457590034) He just rdms when im messing around i had the first clip but lost it and have another one becuase he rdmed again
  7. brasican2004


    Doggo (STEAM_1:0:60000414) Rdm then leave He rdmed me and when he was slotted to be slayed he left @Tubby
  8. @Patman I know i just wanted to show you that he did
  9. brasican2004


    wolf (STEAM_1:1:180444428) RDM For @Patman
  10. Accidentally posted twice but he’s one of the only mods that’s given me the steam id of a rdmer when I needed it
  11. @Thing 1™ thank you!!!
  12. So how do you know if you get an admin recommendation or do they do that in a forum post?
  13. VIP doesn’t mean you should have more of a chance getting unbanned or a lower sentence over anyone, everyone has equal opportunity’s, also you should have read the rules considering you have vip and made a map I’m sorry but it’s a -rep gl
  14. Honestly YouTube, and I love building with friends and arguing who messed up during fights and lost our items 😂
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