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    Doggo (STEAM_1:0:60000414) Rdm then leave He rdmed me and when he was slotted to be slayed he left @Tubby
  2. @Patman I know i just wanted to show you that he did
  3. brasican2004


    wolf (STEAM_1:1:180444428) RDM For @Patman
  4. Accidentally posted twice but he’s one of the only mods that’s given me the steam id of a rdmer when I needed it
  5. @Thing 1™ thank you!!!
  6. So how do you know if you get an admin recommendation or do they do that in a forum post?
  7. VIP doesn’t mean you should have more of a chance getting unbanned or a lower sentence over anyone, everyone has equal opportunity’s, also you should have read the rules considering you have vip and made a map I’m sorry but it’s a -rep gl
  8. Honestly YouTube, and I love building with friends and arguing who messed up during fights and lost our items 😂
  9. +rep vegan always helps me with questions that I have for rules and doesn’t abuse his powers, all around great guy.
  10. @sleepyI don’t really rdm that much most of the time it’s other people being a dumbass or it’s because they rdmed and I was shooting them because they look like a traitor
  11. @ziggybecause earlier in the same game someone shoot a door and it made holes in it and yes I realized it was the wrong attitude to take
  12. @Klitchwell i guess i posted it as you posted glad i could see that before you had to post but incase i did keep on being mad thank you for putting that up
  13. @Duckyy and ive thought about it without being pissed and saw it from your side and yes i do deserve this consequence so i definitely know not to do it in the future so i will take whatever you decide to make it
  14. @Duckyywhen have i rdmed on purpose without killing myself or taking the slay, you make it seem like i just rdm like every 20 rounds for fun
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