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  1. +rep super active and on all the time would probably be the best for op just due to his constant activity
  2. Player Name Yoseph925 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:64269053 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/69y/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Admin Recs @Extacy @Mythin @B0xerz @Isaac @Plasticono Why would you be a good admin? I'm on the server pretty often I would say and sometimes I see that there are people who are cheating or mic spamming in the server but there is no admin on to take care of the problem. I think that thanks to my constant activity on the servers that I would benefit and help lower the amount of people who are breaking the rules of some sort. I think i'm well known on the AWP server and have a good relationship with all of the members who are constantly active and will help make the servers more fun for everyone to play on. Active Servers AWP Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  3. Yoseph925

    Blue man

    Congrats bro you’ve only done good things for the servers I’m sure you’ll do even more as head
  4. Slam the chaser and throw on a body kit.
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