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  1. From what I have seen one of the best gaming headsets is the HyperX Lineups. I have heard lots of arguments that Logitech is better than razer, which I personally disagree with lol. Personally I used the ORG Blackwidow keyboard, Naga Epic, and Astro a40s.
  2. Just got hardcore roasted for trying to help out
  3. Personally I have used 2 microphones in my life. The Blue Yeti <-- Great USB microphone Audio Technica AT-2020 <-- Great XLR microphone - much more expensive and requires a mixamp. Also there are many good headsets out there that you could use rather than purchasing an actual microphone. Lots of headsets have seriously good quality sounding mics for their price, but at the same time nothing will beat an actual desktop microphone.
  4. Might have wanted to make the first post, as it is back But deathrun_halloween_2018 is literally a broken map, with no where for the CTs to go. Like if you just jump out of the map and the rounds never end. It literally seems to be an incomplete map, just wanted to bring it to you're attention.
  6. Damn bro, sorry to hear that man. Hope it all gets sorted out soon man.
  7. Hey y'all, my name is Jake. I've been around SNG for a little while now, but I've been kind of a ghost until recently. Decided to try and get into a new community, and thought SNG would be a perfect fit for me. I love football, games, coding, and etc. See yall around! #BringBackDeathrun
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