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  1. hbd!

  2. So it looks like I am apart of event team. I want to know what events you would like to see in the future. So please reply on this on what game or activity you would want to do as an event. *This is just for me to get an idea on what the community wants to see for future events*
  3. Instead of playing one game the whole time. For example, skribbl.io its very fun but it starts to become a drag and everyone just wants the game to be done. So i was thinking everyone can decide on a bunch of different games. And just have a list of all games that can be played all night, For example, pop a server, jackbox, valorant 10man etc.
  4. Player Name Mr Bucket Steam ID STEAM_0:1:44267049 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/bucketiscool/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 14 What is your current rank? Server Admin Why would you be a good fit for Event Team? After experiencing the wingman tournament from this weekend and some what casting the tournament. I feel that SNG can grow by hosting lots of different tournaments throughout a year. I want to help the event team out when hosting these events like the the wingman tournament. Also I want to start an event that will happen every so often. This will be called an Community Night, where everyone hops in a discord call and plays lots of different games that everyone agrees to. For example, we can do 10mans for everyone that can make it so technically first 10 people that are available to play will be chosen for the 10 man. Or even we can have like karaoke night its kind of cringe but it can fun. I am also a good fit because I am active most of the time and I think of a lot a different ideas when I have lots of time on my hands. And hoping that I make the event team, I truly think I can help out SNG grow outside then just the normal community servers. Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Are you active on Forums, Teamspeak & Discord? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  5. Bucket





  8. Bobby Shmurda Fan Boys CAPTAIN Forum @Bucket | Steam ID | STEAM_0:1:44267049 "YES" PLAYER 2 @Awaffle | Steam ID | STEAM_0:1:118852933 SUB: @Toyspit | Steam ID | STEAM_1:1:466423774 Msg me if you wanna be the sub for us.
  9. Bucket

    Later yall

    Lata g FullSizeRender.mov
  10. wish i was event team but i see where you are coming from but if you look at it from this way it looks a whole lot more like this so basically its all meant to be this instead of that if you know where im coming from and in the end i think we could both agree that if it was built more like this way instead of the other way it could work but maybe not if you dont understand where im coming from
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