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  1. +rep is number 1 on leaderboards in stead of sixredfishy
  2. +rep jizzkers is big dumb but chill and friendly
  3. +rep fade da goat og and xie hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
  4. +REP jayyy the goat derserves op been playing for a while and very fit for the position
  5. +rep super fun dude to play with one of the only people whos still active in dr knows the rules always helps newcomers
  6. +rep og player always knew rules and helps out everyone who needs help remove: ba_jail_rebellion_fix, ba_toobalot_v6 and, jb_artic_jail_v1 adding: jb_LongStreet and jb_vipinthemix_ego_v2 longstreet and vipinthemix are good maps but artic is a good map i think its pretty fun and enjoyable dont get why people want it removed it is pretty t side though
  7. +rep active and good jb player helps out alot of people but remove artic jail??? and august cmon man but good maps to add
  8. *DEAD* coom beast: any fat women willing to smash nuts need to hmu but Congrats!
  9. no that doesnt work there has to be a admin on like goldfever you cant do the map with a knife cus you have to break the blockade

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