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  1. wooper shark costume kinda heat
  2. +rep He would be a great admin because whenever im on I usually see him all the time like when there like 6 people on jb he always tries to reinforce the rules. He can be toxic but that's just for fun no one cares but it makes everyone laugh. Would make a great admin
  3. +rep definitely a great candidate for the op. He always on and is always friendly. Also, the maps he is going to add back i think are going to be good because they are probably going populate the server more than it already is. Good Luck!
  4. +rep definitly a good person to be the operator
  5. I think all these ideas are great like the double credits that will definetly get the server blowing up, Also, the maps idea is really good cause then we get to play all the old but good maps and not overplay all the good but new maps. this would be a great idea.
  6. +rep he and amazing admin he would be a great person for the operator spot he always reiforces rules so he would be great
  7. +rep hes always on and always reiforces the rules he would make a great admin
  8. +rep really cool dude one of the best admins he is always on and wants the server to thrive he would be the perfect person to be ttt operator
  9. flyback

    señor admino

    congrats u were a great operator
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