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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. You should definetly bring back one punch man, and batman also that one anime girl we used to have or really any anime girl and the intervention back again would be lit. some extras i think would be cool would be itachi or any one from naruto, the sword art online sniper girl would be cool to. Also can it be for everyone and not just for vip? (also will it come next week??)
  3. This sounds like a great concept but the biggest issue is that people are gonna throw for credits Edit: there should probably be a cap on the credits you can bet like forge said
  4. Im pretty sure you cant kill people by if they watch hentai or not?
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday !

  7. Goose is a great person and very friendly and fun to play with person. He should have not used a macro but he atleast came clean after he was confronted. +rep he shold be unbanned but if he does it again he should be perma banned.
  8. Just chilling and playing games but zoom really sucks
  9. flyback


    Ayyy congrats!
  10. Hbd Ron!


  11. why he use his hand to get it out then pat it

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