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  1. I remember samy saying he had problems with it. It was about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if he is having problems anymore though
  2. Oldkid an og welcome to de forums
  3. It’s only 18 hours cmon that’s little for a mrdm just wait it out Chief!
  4. +rep seems sincere, good amount of effort, and been 2 years good luck
  5. Both are trash I like COC. Th6 gang 😈
  6. +REP Very capable of the job nice guy, and knowledgeable. GL
  7. Yea I said maybe lower gravity or speed but maybe the community can come up with more ideas. I don’t think we should do a voting system on the rounds because the people will just pick the same one every time it comes up I’d like it to be more of a random “special round”. Also like I said we can get the numbers for a day or two but people won’t stay if it’s nothing different or better then other ttt servers that’s why I came up with this idea. Something to differentiate sng ttt to other ttt servers
  8. Forgot to mention that there will be a ratio of these said “special rounds”. For example 5 normal rounds then 1 “special” round
  9. TTT "Special Rounds" Hey guys hope you are all having a great day. So I’ll get to the point. So i went brainstorming ideas to make ttt different from other ttt servers because that's what people would like. Something that is different. I feel like we can pop the server but, people will try some other ttt server that has something different in a good way and stick there. That being said the thing that i came up with that is different is sorta like awp's special rounds but I thought it would be a good idea to kinda have the same thing it ttt. Because lets be real ttt kinda gets boring over time doing the same thing over and over. Also, this will maybe take some of that boredom out. I was thinking we add some "special rounds" for example low gravity round/ speed round. Obviously not too much so that you zooming around and hitting you head on the sky box because of low gravity. I was told that this was brought up before but it was a few years back. I would like to know what that admins and just sng community thinks about this. Also, feel free to comment on this if you like it or don't but, if you do like it try to think of some "special rounds" you’d like to see in the future. Thanks for reading this! Have a wonderful day!
  10. Evdog ♛


    welcome back to the fourms I guess
  11. I am a skynetgamer and I DEMAND VIPINTHEMIX NOW!!!!! Have a great day everyone.
  12. Yessir #BLACKEDgangBestGang bean plays 6 siege a lot now :/

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