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  1. Watched a total of 40 seconds of the first video and could tell he's hacking. If you gonna hack at least don't make it obvious lmaoooooo.
  2. Already put special rounds on forums so long ago but nothing has been done Headshot round I think it shouldn’t be one shot only guns normal guns with only headshots count. pistol/sniper round sure man juggernaut round nah unless you can make it so the traitors know they are the traitors before the round starts to get better positioning triple the health ain’t gonna do shi when you gettin gang banged by four inos at the start of a round Lightning round you can’t give unnoticeable increased amount of speed to traitors because there would be no point
  3. 1. Waffle 2. I used to be allergic to cats but, I believe I got over it. 3. Half and Half
  4. Not sure what its supposed to be but looks cool man.
  5. Wow, that is sad to hear it is really sad that you got denied my good friend Nak. I hope I get to see you reapply soon and get the position of Server admin. Like you wanted!
  6. Ay that title kinda sus. Congrats man.
  7. +rep nice, funny man!! I active on awp think he’d do well !
  8. Evdog ♛


    Nooo. Good luck man.
  9. Don’t mind the spotify ad in the background. @colinkr
  10. Colin said it well, but I have been on the servers and I can say you have been fulfilling your job as a trial admin. Also, like Colin said your going from trial to op in like a month. going neutral.
  11. I didn’t know banned players can give admins warnings. But I wouldn’t mind him back on the servers as long as he is not retarded 😃
  12. I think good idea!!! I played oasis, but you can just walk into armory which I don't like. other than that its a good map
  13. +rep seems like he knows what he's doing. Also, i like the changes.
  14. +rep +rep. Reformed gamer. had a lot of fun wit her on jb 2 years ago hope this gets accepted gl. #sufferingsnext
  15. . +rep god kzer. And seems that he is qualified. Also helps me a lot on some harder jumps. you can add me to recs good sir.
  16. +rep. Dr needs an op and I think this guy would do great as it.
  17. The admin that banned you was @proobs.