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  1. hey pat, please remind me next time we talk.
  2. +rep Azecko is a good dude. Has been very sus. KOS. Always.
  3. +rep Spooky has been playing for well over a year. He is a kind person, and he plays a ton. Spooky is also one of the first people that I met on SNG. He was kind and inclusive to me when others werent.
  4. +rep Lloyd is among the first I met in SNG. He has been super nice to me, and among the coolest to meet. I don't think I would have stayed and kept playing awp if I had never met him.
  5. we got married u guys werent invited.
  6. Bruh. I'm an AWP girl first... But yes hubby <3
  7. Hello, hope you are all having a nice day. Today at work I jokingly called someone a boomer since some of the kids here called me a boomer. I guess the IT guys thought it was hilarious and I got a lot of brownie points with them today. Thanks kids. UR keeping me young (; lo jk im in my late 20s and not that old but sometimes it feels like I'm old playing on SNG servers. It might be cool to get some chat rooms on teamspeak that were based on your age. For example, if you're between 18 and 24 you get a key to the young adult teamspeak? Random thoughts. Anyways, I love being part of the community and think you're all hilarious.
  8. Hello, I am a real grill. I like to play csgo, and I like to garden. My twitch channel is here; I have a pretty dope cat named Nat. She is my baby. You can call me snow or December or whatever. <3 Snow Deathstar for admin 2020

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