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  1. +rep Still pretty immature & obviously breaks the rules, but not worth permanently banning an active player. Seems like a case of monkey see monkey do to me, diamondz said this player was never that toxic before so he probably just saw someone say that and just repeated it on SNG.
  2. +rep when i first joined, i def would have said no since he was very toxic- but past few months he has proved me wrong by becoming really helpful and friendly. He's also def the most active super, so he is very familiar with the community and the ins and out of AWP. You're the only candidate right now who I could see as operator gl
  3. http://prntscr.com/s073mt That is exactly why I'm suggesting this- to bring the tryhards back. It is too easy right now because the good people play for the first month, month and a half, and then leave. The next 2 months are just randos and its too easy.
  4. (first of all 3 months is just boring) whenever the points reset, a very large playerbase rejoins and tries to get to the top. However, with this current system of 3 months, it creates huge point gaps between the top and the bottom, and it demotivates people to play and try and get to the top of the leaderboards. make it two months
  5. http://prntscr.com/rwx22z (near 4 kd, negative points) I completely agree- I shouldn't have to have a 5kd to be positive points. I've been at 6500ish points for about a month now and even some days playing an hour or more, top fragging every game, I am still now only at 6900.. You shouldn't say "just don't give a fuck about points" because people are competitive naturally, and if you say you have never been upset at a game then you are lying. This is no difference. Obviously its a community server and it doesn't matter whos first or whos 60,001st, and nobody really gets seriously upset about losing 15 points, you have to admit that it is kinda annoying when you have to kill 8 people just to make up for one death- especially with how some people play (like a pussy) I think that the minimum points gained per kill should be increased from 2, to 3 or 4 (and yes this will mean people will have more points but there is nothing wrong with that, sk top 10 used to be in the ten thousands) while still keeping the -15. This means that you wouldn't have to get 8 kills to make up for one death, but more like 3 or 4
  6. no skill involved and is literally the most played special round so it gets very annoying (or atleast lower the amount of points lost per death) hope you consider my suggestion ty
  7. no skill involved and is literally the most played special round so it gets very annoying (or atleast lower the amount of points lost per death) hope you consider my suggestion ty View full suggestion
  8. as someone who already loses 15 points every time i die i think this would be great people saying this would just create a large gap between the good and bad players, well hate to break it to you there already is a large gap between the points of good and bad players (even on top 10 there is like thousand point differences). And yes this would be rewarding good players but what is wrong with that? With the current system, a good player will on average get 2-3 points per kill and lose 15 points per death. The current point system disincentives being high up on the leader board, and this could be a step away from it also, its not like you have to be absolutely insane to have a positive kd in 1 round smh. get 1 kill, you break even. It's not like only the best of the best break even on kills, its more like the worst of the worst don't. if we already have dog shiet rng based rounds that take 15 points from high point players anyways (#remove noscope round ), we should add this just to make things a little more interesting + uno

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