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  1. Would be fun to see that type of rounds in the server. Or at least try once to see the reaction of the people on the server. :v
  2. By choose awp or scout you mean to remove the scout round?? Or it is up to us If we use one or the other??? :v
  3. Yeah the point system is not fair at all. Like @tie says in a match I usually make a lot of kills, but I hardly gain points and it is crazy that with 15 kills I gain 50 points, but 3 times I get killed I lose almost the 50 pionts. I think it would be better to reduce how many points you gain or lose. Instead of taking away 15 points only take away like 8 or 10 points. Hope you consider my opinion. :v
  4. Welcome to the forums
  5. Nice to have you here in the forums.
  6. it´s a shit brake because the fucking teachers gave me like 1000 tasks to do for tomorrow they fucking suck they need to get a life dude. Besides that i have been playing AWP a lot.
  7. Sounds good to me
  8. I think this is a good idea, but for me it would be kinda unfair for some people because in the server are too many good players like zarn or goat etc.. and usually they make a lot of kills, so for me its a little bit unfair like them getting like 60 or more points in a single round. I hope you consider my opinion.

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