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  1. +rep active and friendly player i am sure he will be a good ad admin. GL my friend :)
  2. hello it's tie from IT support how can i help you?? :)
  3. +rep very kind player and active i hope one day i could get on mg and actually see people on the sever because i love that server even though i've played like a couple of times. GL colin :) pls tell me when there's people on the server.
  4. My favorite server is awp, but also other servers were I've had a good time are TTT and mg also to mention kz is fun, but I am so bad lmao
  5. Welcome to the forums :)
  6. I think the admin was joking around saying that you are banned and actually he just kicked you
  7. just failed an imortant exam. Fuck 2020 dude!!!
  8. welcome to the forums
  9. @colinkr I was playing with you there at moment, but were is the admin abuse part??? M17 Came to ruin the fun for everyone,but its normal there are always people who want to ruin the fun for everyone. I don't get it
  10. So I would say I am fine, but still my online classes are a pain in the ass. I'm pretty sure that is difficult because its my first year of accounting career lmao :v Still this shit year made me pass through bad moments like when i knew some members of my family have covid 19 not cool. And the situation here in Guatemala is really bad so I don't know What is going to occur. But I hope this shit ends soon :)
  11. +rep man I am sure you will be a great admin. GL :)
  12. thanks @tie i will have that in mind <3