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  1. Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-05-30 17-36-22_Trim.mp4
  2. In-Game Name: D_mo08 Steam ID: D_mo08 Name of the Admin that punished you: spooky Reason why you got punished: MFK Length of your punishment: perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: i feel like its been a month but I'm sorry for MFKing, I should have never done it, and it will never happen again, im am also sorry for lying the first time and saying it was my sister, put i insure you that i will never MFK again
  3. D_Mo08


    Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-05-22 11-35-59.mp4
  4. D_Mo08


    @Duckyy i called him a bad warden, he got mad doe and killed me hes alos online now
  5. bad


    1. Toelu


      Learn where to post player complaints, and read how to. Then u can talk shit, otherwise stfu and keep fking


  6. D_Mo08


    thank you @Warden Frostwater for your extra support
  7. D_Mo08


    worm has been MFKing FKing Freeshooting wardenhogging and mike spaming worms ID is STEAM_0:1:176849193 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-05-21 17-12-31.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-05-21 17-53-11.mp4
  8. i got banned for cheating LR, even tho everyone else did to and didnt get banned


    1. D_Mo08


      i just dont know why i was ban for a whole hour, its not the first time i did it but i also saw everyone else do it


  9. but I knew I was probably get in some trouble, not a perm one, but just like a 1 day bann
  10. @ Diam0ndz I did purposely kill all of them, I just didn't know what a mfk was
  11. @ Diam0ndz I do wanna be unct banned and im telling the truth, I just said that cause I just posted one on the wrong one

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