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    https://discord.gg/3BcDrH3 join if u like Valorant

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    Csgo, valorant, sucking ur mom's winky.
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  1. This guy has a rat brain but some how comes up with great ideas. He talked about it in TS and seems really passionate about helping the sng community re-pop again. now its just time to wait.....
  2. CYKA BYLAT Ты просто глупый ребенок Went to tango and now is shit posting. Just go pay for admin honestly. We dont need scrubs here
  3. umm... get a better mic and then u can talk shit. This is the guy who wants jb op on tango You chosen Tango so now fuck off
  4. Dude literally is the most mature guy ive seen on sng for his age. He would be a great addition to the admin roster and be able to take care of certain situations alone without help from an admin. Now its just time to wait for another month or so....
  5. neutral dude literally harasses me half of the time I see him I already get pissed of by my parents on a daily basis so I don't need u ruining my time on sng The only reason im not -rep'ing you is because you actually do your job You obv know how to take care of certain situations that need administration. You are always active on forums, teamspeak and discord. plus, you know the staff pretty well and seems like you are good friends w/ them. Its just how you treat me I dont like. Maybe you can change but for now, ima stick to a neutral You might try to pop the server every week or so but it only actually pops every couple weeks. Dont think there is a need for an op at this point if it never pops. Kinda like deathrun, deagle, course and deathrun, Dev can just take care of the simple needs the community wants. Also my guy slays me for no retarded reasons and kicks me from the server at any givin point because it would be funny. i can't stand his hypocrisy. yes, you might know how to administrate but tbh, I think that ur kinda new and the community should fully decide if you are ready to become the op for one of the dead servers on sng.
  6. Looks like warzone. makes me wanna download rust Nice vid btw
  7. -rep Ban evaded and it annoying ???? who
  8. Congratz u sexy bastard
  9. JB dead. @Noodlessssswill abuse u and fuck u in the butt cheeks. Side note, welcome back!!!!
  10. hbd nigga

  11. hbd bro. TTT actually pops sometimes

  12. KZ: Challenging and always space for improvement TTT: good with a decent map and about 15 or so people
  13. +rep This man is very active on sng servers and knows the community very well. Also takes criticism like a champ and would be a great yellow man. GL, wish you the best <3 Edit: yes, I have not seen him as much but this man has 1.1k hours in sng. This guys is on every servers and always makes it enjoyable.

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