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  1. You have changed a lot and now, you are more fun to talk to than an annoying kid (no offense). You are much more mature than what you were before but you did mfk. You know better since you are an active player with over two hundred hours on your main, masterchief and your other account Cortex. Ima say a neutral but once I start seeing you become less toxic and annoying, im down for a +rep. Gl w/ your appeal. Also, more effort into your appeal would be better for future references.
  2. I dont think that this would be viable since you would need to add a "1v1" arena to the map which can't be done immediately. Also, this would be a ton of work since a mapper would need to add a 1v1 arena to every map. Imo, this would be fine if there were 2 spawn points on different sides of the map and like u said, the players could chose their guns.
  3. There could be one where you get one jump/bhop and whoever jumps or bhops farther wins. (there would be a distance counter like there is in KZ) Also, when the Lr is activated, there could be a menu that allows you to click a button that says START that makes it so your next jump/bhop is the one that counts in case of an accidental jump/bhop
  4. Since this jb map will be made by a player, I think that people will want to try it out and see for themselves how nice it is. Always love seeing new jb maps! Can't wait to see urs
  5. Im hella depressed rn and don't know what to do with my life. Yes, ik its summer but I still am very worried about school next year since I did not do some of my work over the "pandemic". I will not be playing on sng servers rather than cs in general much for a month or so. Hope everyone is doing well and is safe -Toe
  6. +rep accidentally click the yellow button for colors on jb_minecraftparty, I would be down for an unban. Horrible map for new players to ct on and also, this guy had no other issues with any players of my knowing. @MilkyI would be down for a 60m spent alive ban. Even though he got banned, he kept playing as a T.
  7. +rep knows the jb community very well and could help with players that apply and are mostly active on jb *bucket*
  8. You are a nice guy to talk to and over the past month or so, the whole group of "MLG" have matured greatly. Yes, you have a background in administrating jb but due to your past, ima have to say neutral but im leaning towards a +rep. Once I see the rest of the community's feedback and rather just your buds, I'll make my final decision. Gl bro, much love <3 Edit: Ima have to stay with a neutral. I havent really seen u enforce the rules but im down for trial.
  9. +rep changed a lot for the good and overall is a great admin and is well fit for the position. Gl bro, wish u the best <3
  10. Toelu


    Congrats. Well deserved!!!
  11. Kinda like @Warden Frostwatersaid, it may cause complaints if people lose a big amount of credits but it would be fine if the max was 500 or 1k credits. I would be down for both ideas since a daily reward would be for the people who are active. But in my opinion, it shouldn't ramp up. For example, on the first day, you get 100, then 200 then 300 and so on. Every day, people should be able to claim about 250. That would be a reasonable amount for me atleast.
  12. Toelu


    Streetcred is already so easy to get. If you try hard enough, you can get about 1.5k every day. I see no point in having a raffle. Also, I see people trading high sums streetcred for credits all the time. What im saying is that the streetcred is being picked up, put into gangs or traded already with no issues really so I see no point.
  13. Toelu

    R6S account giveaway

    Never had the game and always wanted to try it so YEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
  14. Wdym false gag, u literally using admin chat every time u have a problem. Big or small, you always complain in admin chat. Yes, you are suppose to use it to ask questions and communicate w/ admins more easily but you constantly use it after multiple admins tell you to stop such as me, spooky and colinkr. Also, its one slay. I didn't get to see it but if you are right and he false slayed you, get over it. Its not a big deal.


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