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  1. Get fucked nerd


  2. joke application right? you have been with this server since march and you want to run one of its servers???????
  3. new players aren't gonna come to the server if no one is on the server and basically the entire server pog is mlg, and I have talked to you like twice for 3 seconds the you leave vc so don't come saying I am a retard and insulting my friends saying we killed the server brother, and how does unbanning a player kill the server if its already dead, I say we give me a 2 week trial period if I break rules or am just another one of the mlg idiots running around ruining the server for new players trial period over and then its back to a perm, but if I am a normal person I submit another appeal and we go from there off the trial period as an example of how I would play as a sng gamer thats why I am trying to prove I have changed with a 2 week trial period
  4. just gonna throw it out there that syke used to hate me
  5. I dropped some of my friends I have known for a really long time but never played cs (mainly rust, and minecraft friends) but again we have barely played after I got banned
  6. I dropped some of my friends I have known for a really long time but never played cs (mainly rust, and minecraft friends)
  7. In-Game Name: Cortex Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:524831013 Name of the Admin that punished you: Sixredfish Reason why you got punished: Offensive Comment Towards iCamp Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I would like to start out with admitting that I evaded my ban once, on the account named "Warrior #FreeMrBucket", I regret this because it is gonna make it 10 times harder for this ban appeal to get accepted and the time I spent evading my standing ban was not worth having to wait this much longer to appeal, I really miss the server, and feel I deserve another chance with this server because #1. I am reformed player and have made amends with a lot of the people that used to hate me, because I was unnecessarily toxic to. #2. I have dropped a lot of bad people that were bringing me bad habits and poisoning my soul as a person. I regret saying the things I said to iCamp as I had no reason to say them to him, I have never even talked to the man, I have heard he is a pretty nice person from a couple people, I also want to apologize to proobs for calling him rep hungry, thank you guys for taking the time to read my ban appeal and I hope you have a great day! (Reply with your honest opinion, Diam0ndz gave me permission to make the ban appeal)
  8. oh my god so funny its not like theres probaly another cortex out there or another forge out there lol
  9. as a joke and how am I supposed to know its a boy lmao he said he was a girl and he sounds just like it... and he said he was a 15y/o girl and plus there is a law that if someone says they are 18 and they arent and you have sex with them then they can go to jail just bringing that up... but still i did get a little edgy with that joke lol prolly was too much
  10. when you get banned form sng discord bc proobs can't take a joke <o/
  11. Cortex1

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    ^ Terrible setup too many expensive ass pieces

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