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  1. Ty Klitch mb i didn't know :)
  2. Don't know if someone made a topic about this but are their gonna be any new maps coming to JB because i've played the majority of JB maps and it's getting kinda boring to play the same maps like papas kingdom and Obama so maybe we can add workshop maps or make some. Thanks for reading or maybe these maps that i've found and like and maybe other people might like. - RB
  3. i admit i lost my chill but them saying i fk on this server is false i killed vince not on purpose but it wasn't meant to kill him i killed faze jarvis for not doing the order but this is false for him saying i fk 1 person is not a valid reason to make a complaint ty and my apologize for gashing out Edit: not very cool of you bucket :(
  4. RealBox


    Bruh yea toelu just told me theres a selfie page mb
  5. RealBox


    Face reveal im a nice guy
  6. Nah When zombie day was added i thought it was fun but seeing peoples POVS on the subject it just makes me believe we don't need to see it again Sorry :/
  7. I'd like to see Kurt Cobain
  8. i dont really think he deserved the ban he is toxic to me but 


  9. I think this is a bug but I could be wrong When i'm playing TTT/Jb usually there are these wooden tables and they are there for the furniture but if you get stuck between them you die and its kinda annoying after the first 7 times I don't know if someone made a forum on this and i haven't seen it but it's just annoying to die every single time by the table If someone could either explain to me why it hasn't been fixed or people were unaware of it then that would be nice - Smith
  10. RealBox


    but it never stopped until the round was over maybe its a bug with the new plugin but i dont know
  11. RealBox


    While in TTT when the alarm goes off in princess skyscraper it gives off an alarm but while playing it dosen't stop it may work tomorrow but i dont know it just wont stop beeping until rounds over if some admin can check it out and see for themselves then maybe it will be fixed Thank you
  12. Im sorry but how do you get someones steam id?

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