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  • Birthday 10/10/2006
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  1. What the fuck got you banned?

  2. Happy birthday

  3. Welcome OldKid Glad To Have You Here.
  4. thanks for the giveaway buddy I nurture my skin.mp4
  5. Wasn't being serious dude

  6. Some of the l4d2 players on this website might know or not know that valve is giving an update to Left 4 Dead 2. Here's a video of the trailer for this update that comes the 26 of September.

    Edit: (Another video of the items/reworks coming <3.)


  7. Happy birthday BB <3

  8. nigga still butt hurt lol

    1. the real nigga

      the real nigga

      go suck some other niggas dick and get off my profile

    2. (Snail)


      quit being a bitch and bad posting my post for no reason just cuz you're butt hurt

  9. Happy birthday tie!


  10. -Rep you should know their rules (like Warden said) did you not think their would be rules for this server. Btw try to have 1 chromosome and not kill people and ruin their fun.
  11. Can we just ban him already?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. (Snail)


      how about making a suggestion  on the forums

    3. BigAuguMan


      Yeah but which forum can I do that on

    4. (Snail)


      suggestion forum or suggestion tracker 

  12. Happy birthday even though

     you haven't been on sense never


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