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  1. Player Name NightBlade Steam ID STEAM_0:0:105247603 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/NightBladeTv/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 19 Admin Recs Ducky, Thing1, Ballistic Bacon, Plastic, Mythin, and tieKO Why would you be a good admin? I would be a good admin based off of 4 things. 1. I'm on the server most of the day. 2. My personality is chilled and laid back; I wont get mad at silly comments people make to me just because I have this role, or I should say if I get this role. 3. I have quick reaction time; If someone is mic spamming and I give them 1 or 2 warnings and they keep going it, Instant mute so no one has listen to it for 15 mins before doing !calladmin. Last but not least 4. I love sng and it's a chill community, especially Kz. I just wanna spread love around the whole community and continue the greatness it already has. Active Servers Kz Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  2. I Currently Have A logitech G402 but Its really heavy. I love the way the buttons are setup which is the reason why I got it, Is there any mouse that is just like it but lighter? Or any mice you would recommended in general?
  3. Well not necessarily how long you play on the server but like after completing a certain amount of maps you get points and rank up and so on, thats kinda what i meant. The final rank is Pro and I'm currently at Semipro. It would be cool to get more ranks added on or switch the names From Pro to Master or something along those lines. Also Switching the colors would be better I think as well.
  4. @ComfMember ranks my apologies. For kz of course. For example Expert is Purple and Pro is red. To me and a few others Purple would look so much better as the last rank because it stands out the most and looks the best. I hope that made sense. Or instead of Pro being the last rank we could add Master or swap Pro and Expert around? Something along those lines I think would be better.
  5. Would it be possible to add more ranks, or possibly switch ranks or colors around? For example on sneakz they have Master and Veteran, me and some friends personally think it would be cool if more ranks could be added or switched around. If its not possible or you'd like to keep it the same way it's no worries, just an idea I thought I'd bring up.
  6. NightBlade


    it runs Pretty decent for the most part nothing special. I'd say mid range.
  7. I have a Ducky one 2 Mini with Cherry MX Blue Switches. Wishing I got brown but I like the clickiness of the blues.
  8. NightBlade

    Merci SNG

    Hope everything turns around real quick for ya man, sucks seeing anyone go let alone staff. *salutes your service*
  9. I've been struggling lately with my key presses. I can hit 7 consistently and 8 half the time, however I just cant seem to get a consistent 8 or above 8 unless its accidental. Besides practice anything else i need to know? For example, is there a certain hand placement for your wrist, or pressing my keys a certain way or all medium pace, those kind of things. If you could let me know that'd be awesome.
  10. Shadow hand was my favorite, However everyone was good overall. 👌
  11. 1. Australia 2. Spanish 3. Dont quite have one but green is quite lovely 4. Not Getting into politics as early as I should 5. "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius" 6. A professional Drifter 7. Smoked Brisket

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