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  1. awww little baby gonna cry :(
  2. didnt you die from fall damage?
  3. you WERE hacking lmao you literally half hearted a guy with full diamond armor
  4. basically breezy fell into void and diamondz was gonna use tp to get him out. (literally cheating) and breezy gets spawn eggs like tf? guys dont take it seriously its literally a fucking joke lmao dang bro yall are getting mad over a minecraft game, idgaf if any of these people cheat im just posting them because i think its funny. not even that breezy's team gets so mad over a single person combat-logging because all they do is kill randomly because they think its haha funny. people like ducky, and his friends are actual no-lifers. ( except for earthling, extacy, and breezy cause they're kinda chill ngl.) im not gonna call you 12 year olds or 8 year olds because i know thats not what you are. i know that you guys are a bunch of 16+ year olds who think insulting and harassing players is funny. coming from a girl that has been playing tango for 2 years, and sng for almost a year i think that the players of prg or sng (whatever which community it was) is blatantly toxic. yall cant get your shit together and stay up all night to make yourselves buff in a block game. my group actually have lives and don't sit on their asses mining diamonds for 2 hours straight. a-lot of people insulted me because i had a hella high voice when i was about 12 and people thought insulting me was funny but it really isn't. the only reason why I said "fuck me" and "i need sex" was to make you guys shut the FUCK up because yall are hella annoying. I just wanted to make you feel weirded out because yall dont know how to shut the fuck up and love to talk shit. you guys think you're the shit because you hang out with admins like diamonds and some of the other ones. well guess what? i hang out with admins too and we dont think we're the shit and actual act normal and friendly towards eachother. if you're from PRG it's really sad to see that one of the admins who own the minecraft server, say that your community is filled with autistis and retards. ( not saying diamondz is in prg, hes not hes in sng.) I'm just saying to the people who are talking shit in these forums you need to straighten the fuck up and stop acting like bitch babys and pussy boys. thank you and goodbye. :)
  5. anyone else getting a "an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" [6:07 PM]
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    Yeah ofc hope you get your stuff.
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