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  1. satu

    Ban Appeal: cora

    okay. honestly yeah lmao
  2. satu


    thats a really good choice of youtubers ngl.
  3. satu


    what type of youtubers do you guys watch? i watch: Fitz franzj vanossgaming skeppy etc.
  4. satu

    Birthday man

    Happy Birthday Six! Have a good one and enjoy that cake.
  5. satu

    hi chain

    oh okay, btw nice picture lmao.
  6. satu

    Selfie Topic

    facts, can't believe you're catfish. :\
  7. satu

    hi chain

    my name wasn't svn on discord.
  8. satu

    hi chain

    didnt you send me a friend request on discord? i dont even know who you are lmao.
  9. satu

    hi chain

    i have no power, my job and sworn duty is to work in the kitchen, and have multiple simps.
  10. awww little baby gonna cry :(
  11. didnt you die from fall damage?
  12. you WERE hacking lmao you literally half hearted a guy with full diamond armor