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  1. Welcome! everyone be having these intro threads and my intro to the forums was a ban appeal lol
  2. wtf is that video and why is the file size so big
  3. depends on the server. some servers ill get mid 30s others ill get low to mid 60s. i dont know what my ping was on sng.
  4. In-Game Name: Treeskers Steam ID: 2088504544 Name of the Admin that punished you: George Reason why you got punished: Hacking Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: Hi SNG. It has been about a month since my ban and my declined ban appeal, and I just want to play on the awp server. This ban still bothers me as it is completely false. I didn't cheat. It is that simple. The ONLY "proof" of me cheating is this vid: https://streamable.com/wn9we. I'll break down each of the three clips and show why they aren't proof of cheating at all. 1st clip: Yes, I can see how this shot can look sus, but really if I recorded every second of any person who plays on an awp server, I could find tons of suspicious clips. It looks like I did some insane flick when watching on full speed, but it really wasn't that far. The first image I attached is how far my scope/cursor was from the person I killed before I shot. It really isn't that far. The 1st video I've attached is a video of me hitting a shot sort of similar to the shot in the 1st clip. The 2nd vid I've attached is me hitting a flick that is a lot more sus than the clip in the video. You could say it probably took me tons of tries to hit the shots I attached, and that is exactly true, cause that is all it was. A lucky shot. 2nd clip: In the 1st part of this clip, if you look at it a few times it looks like I flicked to him through the wall, but on closer inspection, I didn't. The 2nd picture I've attached is where my crosshair was after shooting and flicking, it is a little hard to see cause george's cursor is dark. In the 2nd part of this clip is just me missing a flick on the same guy. The 3rd part of this clip looks like I had some sort of soft aim or something to leg this guy, but again, if you look, that isn't true. The 3rd image attached is what it looked like after I shot. If you notice, the blood splatter isn't where he is. I shot him when he was lower, but it didn't really register until after he was higher up, which is why the blood splatter is there, and not where he is. The final part of this clip, I jump up from the box and instantly get shot. Why tf would I do this if I was cheating and knew where bords was? George said I did it to hide cheats, but I wouldn't voluntarily kill myself like that if I was cheating. 3rd clip: It looks like I flicked to bords' head after shooting, but again, I didn't. I attached a 4th image of where my crosshair was after shooting. Above bords' head. Also, if this was some sort of aimlock, wouldn't I lock onto the guy CLOSER to my cursor? I don't have much faith in this appeal, and I have a feeling it'll end the same exact way as the last one. In Redder's appeal wooper said "this is silly diamondz, a 3 second clip where his lag aims at a guy and your follow up post of 3 1/2 minutes of redder missing flicks isn't enough for this ban." This quote stuck with me, as you could (sort of) say the same thing about mine. The "proof" against me is a short clip of me hitting a kinda sus shot, followed up with about a minute of me missing flicks. Please take all this into consideration before saying anything. Thanks. 2020-02-23 01-35-16 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 2020-02-23 01-36-59 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  5. damn thanks for doing this. I bought the limited founders edition for that game way back, and it is a really fun game. It is very hard in my opinion. maybe that's just because I'm dogshit tho (IM NOT ENTERING THE GIVEAWAY)
  6. you really had to do me like that...
  7. I'm really bored right and want to exhale through my nose. Someone tell me a good joke, or a dad joke. I don't really care.
  8. oh hell yeah time to sweat on minecraft
  9. wow I thought I was bad but I guess I'm so good people think I'm cheating. If I was cheating why would I even want to get unbanned. I didn't have anything on this account and it's easy to make an alt so why wouldn't I just make an alt and cheat on the server again? I had very little points and like 300 credits I think
  10. That may have been the dumbest thing I've ever heard. how is me saying "You can't even see when people are speccing you so how would I know" me admitting to cheating. He claims that I was toggling on and off, when I couldn't have even known if he was speccing me or not, so how would I know when to toggle on and off. I wouldn't, which is why I'm NOT CHEATING.
  11. So you saying I toggled off when you spec me? You can't even see when people are speccing you so how would I know.

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