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  1. I understand tho, im coming back to build a better relationship with sng people and hop on sometimes and help to pop the server, idk why yall think tango treats me rlly bad and all that stuff, idk who is spreading those rumors abt me, if your really interested about my life just dm me, il send u a dick pic, and milk ya granny
  2. +rep, nothing personal, but this guy is actually the g, hes chill and very nice person to talk to
  3. -rep, lol no, literally 0 effort put onto the app, and the person you are colin, will not be a good addition to the team
  4. -rep, worst tango admin, immature, and will ban everyone on the server, made his retarded army to +rep him
  5. No more racist children on your christian server
  6. fatass

    JB undead?

    Dear Mr. @tie, my apologies for bringing it up again, it is fully my fault the jailbreak died because of my toxicity and behavior, i have been a complete dumbass, and im sorry for it, user will receive a permanent ban for violating a rule #1 in the CoCPE Sorry for the inconvenience, Milky Retarded affairs
  7. Dear @『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan, sadly i have to deny this application and also to ban you from all of our current servers, you can reapply in 10/2/2030 Reasons you were banned: child immature posts quality shitposts on daily bias not active toxic lacking knowledge of rules Racist cheating ban evading mfk"d Threats Have A great day -Milky Retarded Affairs
  8. fatass

    JB undead?

    like honestly colin your in this community less then 3-5 months what do you know about past of sng, nothing your literally a nonamer, who is simping for higher ups to get promoted, OMFG like stop thinking your so cool, SHUT THE FUCK UP, notice how server died after you got admin, hmmmm, coincidence ???? no ITS YOUR FAULT. JB used to pop back in 2019 but when you and toelu got admin it instantly died, LOOK AT THE AVG SNG SERVERS ACTIVITY (MAXIMUM 1-3 players a day) HMMMMMMMmm, maybe you should think about it and grow up, your like a little baby but wayyyy worse, your 30 and weeb and working in mc dog FUCKING WEIRDO. YEA ALSO STOP SHITPOSTING @colinkr [move] SHUT THE FUCK UP COLINKR[/move] EDIT: if you ban me from forums this is retarded, cuz im speaking facts, but people nowadays cant face truth and facts PCE MILKYWAY AKA MILKYMAY via MILKY
  9. fatass

    JB undead?

    Just free our tango gang and we gonna pop ya servers
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