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  1. Idk , im personally not a good kzer but im just doing it for fun and when im bored, and if you just want to be good at anything you need to practice alot
  2. +rep one of the best appeals ive seen, i remember you and you were pretty active and fun player, good luck
  3. Milky

    Ban Appeal: k9

    +rep since your an old player, and waited a while to comeback to the SNG without any cheats i hope so, good luck
  4. They literally told you to wait, if you rlly want to get unbanned just wait, and DO NOT spam ban appeals
  5. +rep You were pretty funny and active as a player, sometimes you were toxic, but it was funny hope to see you soon on our servers, i went thru this too and i feel you Make sure to go other this couple times. Good Luck.
  6. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps. Delete kz maps or any other maps that not working for you. after go in Steam-Library-CSGO-Properties-Local Files- Verify Integrity of Game files. Thats how i fixed the problem
  7. @FrostyHearts <3 feel free to give my prize to @Samy
  8. +rep i havent seen you on jb alot, but i saw you on other servers and you were funny and mature person

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