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  1. You should make in lr menu game "Custom Lr" and ts can choose ct to play with and ct has a choice to accept or denies the lr and after ct accept t explain the custom lr
  2. +rep it was like 2-3 months ago
  3. you can do something like Russian roulette so for instance its like hot potato, 2 two players face each other and shot each other until 1 special bullet kills them
  4. welcome and good luck man, here is what you have to do (pretty easy) Server Admin - Super Admin - Operator - Senior Admin - Global Admin - Head Admin - DIT - Director
  5. Sounds good, anyways if you need any help or want to make a jb map together dm me, its very hard job to do a map alone, ive been working on my jb map for about 3 weeks and its still shitty (btw can i get 6 bad post emoji here? plz <3)
  6. Yeah... no comments its going to be okey
  7. Happy Birthday 

  8. so is hes ban lowered? (if yes move this to resolved)
  9. If you actually want to get unbanned you shouldnt be talking like that to the people like @Noodlesssss
  10. @Toelu not many people are staying on a server after a ct ban either perm or 10 mins

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