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  1. noodles my game crashed and i tried to join back but when i tried to rejoin it said i was banned
  2. i was banned at 3/19/2020 so yesterday at around like 9 or 10
  3. yeah i just got randomly banned out of no were when i was in cells
  4. every time i try to join it goes to this page
  5. In-Game Name: ✦po Steam ID: 76561198353297388 Name of the Admin that punished you: Don't Know Reason why you got punished: Don't Know Length of your punishment: Don't Know Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I went on https://skynetgaming.net/bans/index.php?p=home to see who banned me for no reason my name isn't on the website and it doesn't say who banned me and how long the ban is, I didn't do anything wrong and should be unbanned.

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