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  1. can someone put this in ty ogs
  2. +rep addressing the ogs. respect 3 months is very long for waiting!
  3. I think these numbers are lying. I am try to find these people but they are not on servers! Fix PLEASE
  4. yeah i agree with you
  5. I wouild to have a special round in awpserver without monkeys jumping around. And I do recall glovewrokts does this and they have people in the servers. THe round should have no doubole juimp and no bhop @Zurr this is an examlpe
  6. sorry on accident bro who me?
  7. That was a really good explanation I really appreciate you taking some time out of your day in order to tell me this. You even used examples to support your claim adn gave a real life example. So Thanks!
  8. +rep cool when compiungp
  9. you talkin to me!?
  10. are you talking about me or someone else??
  11. good job guys but can we get a deagle golf tourney
  12. +rep this sdued does lie a lot
  13. howcan i do teh appeal for smp gmain
  14. Awaffle

    Bruh or Bruv

    you are baned from snp gimaing nn no momennt aint og ant a glovewokrs fliker
  15. Name: "Awaffle_" Steam "https://steamcommunity.com/id/OGwafflerecoil[no]//" Is it Bruh or Bruv? "As an organizer I already know the answer so I will not be answering. " If you get this wrong will be not be able to participate in this tournament @Master Chef Who's up next!?
  16. Awaffle


    How og are yall?
  17. i heard you stream goood work bruv

  18. are you an og or no


  19. do you know vurb nur?