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  1. nah. after what you said and the shit you pull constantly twords me or other admins i dont think you should have a chance to come back, and you saying that your ban should only have been a day is pretty stupid imo, considering the last time you were banned was dox threats or actual dox idk i cant remember twords oceanman, and you yourself just admitted to saying shit like "i have an ip grabber" and i would have hoped you learned your lesson. clearly you havent. setting aside any shit talking sng servers, admins, or players (which yes i still remember you insulting everyone on the server, so im not taking anything personally) back when you were on the servers you were constantly annoying to talk to. I remember most rounds of jb whenever you were killed you would dm me saying it was a freekill, round after round you would call me a shit admin for not slaying when it wasnt a freekill, you were just too immature to own up to you either rebelling or breaking some rule that the ct punished you for. I have tried to tell you that you don't need to dm me every time you are killed and most things you can take care of by just talking to the person that killed you but you refused to accept that fact and called me a shit admin for not slaying every person that "freekilled" you. in the whole grand scheme of things this unban probably wouldn't influence sng very much, so I really don't care if milky gets unbanned or not, but if he does I think he really gotta be kept on a tight leash. tldr; nothing was taken personal because it was not only me who you were insulting, and you have just been constantly problematic whenever you are on the servers.
  2. i dont have a trickshot but i think this is pretty epic gamer OutOfContextEv-1297710326985695233-20200823_214026-vid1.mp4
  3. bruh how u not forum banned yet

    1. Awaffle


      idk but when they bringing back my server rules

    2. colinkr


      true! make them admin!

      also @coolduck ladders POG

    3. coolduck
  4. ok so you got trial admin what like a month ago? i could understand going from server admin to op or super to op, but considering you were just and idk if you still are trial, i think its a little bit of a stretch to give you op right now. i haven't been on deathrun in quite a while so i cant speak to how you have been adminning personally, but i will admit i have seen dr pop increase and i know @wooper is too busy being racist and playing genshin to pop dr, so ill give you the benefit of the doubt and say you have been popping dr, which i respect, but i still think its too early to go for op, and ima have to go neutral leaning -rep here. if you went for super id +rep but this is just too much of a stretch tbh, and its not personal or anything.
  5. yes good idea imo. other servers let basic admins 1up, its better that way imo
    ok but when osu video
  6. +rep need more people on jb that arent afraid to mfk like @Spooky Alex and also because jb needs pop and this unban would help.
  7. its on timetracker on discord, just not on forums anyways +rep
  8. +rep hot as fuck and can help new kz'ers with jumping around a map
  9. +rep broge [bro~gay] good fit but will be banned because of new racism rule :(
  10. -rep did not say funny word after sayonara +rep well deserving of the role and is a nice person in general to lead the deathrun community,
  11. @ Extacy design team when? also much better move lol, i already like where this is headed
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