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  1. neutral. I wasn't there for the mfk or anything but I have seen you around the server and I have never seen you be toxic or just downright disrespectful like some other jb players. I think you have taken the time to reflect and learn that you shouldnt mfk :)
  2. what the... if you want to find what admin banned you go to sourcebans. looks like you took 3 seconds to put this together... even if you weren’t hacking please use the proper format
  3. funny funny man welcome to forums man
  4. yea this was a fuck up on my part, happened on the dodge course on arcade when someone recalled it and killed everyone. i was tabbed out at the time so i could only hear audio, however everyone on mic was saying that it was syke and that he accidentally mfk'd so i banned him for 30. i assumed that it was him since everyone on mic was saying it was him, however it was a t, and once he told me i unctbanned him.
  5. hey man i know what it feels like. im a senior rn and i should graduate within a few weeks but now its all up in the air and I dont even know if i will graduate considering i cant focus for shit during online school. im sure people have told you that you are not alone in this feeling of depression and not knowing what to do with your life, and its true, I have no idea what the fuck is going to happen with my school, or my college plans as I have no word yet on how classes will be held/ if they will be held. we each have our own individual ways of coping with stress and shit, for me playing csgo is one but seeing as you wont be playing csgo I hope you find what brings you happiness during this time. to be honest ive been seeing myself personally getting angry more often and a lot easier than i would normally be and ive been extremely reluctant to do any sort of work that i am required to do by anyone. so I know this is kind of repetitive but you really are not alone and as long as you focus on the positive side of things and just keep your head up and dont let this virus shit get to you more than it should you will be ok. 2020 is just whack in general man. anyways stay safe man hope to see you back soon. feel free to pm me on whatever you want if you ever want anyone to talk to, or if you just wanna rant some shit out ill lend an ear. (and this goes for anyone who wants to talk just pm me)
  6. +rep extreme knowledge on mg would help and hes already op
  7. ok honestly, ill stick with +rep. I know you have experience on other servers and im sure you would be a good admin but the thing that would make me worried is your history and the whole "mlg" gang. I get it, you guys have changed and i can definitely see a change in you since then, however it still wasnt that long ago that mlg was causing so many problems, and id rather wait a little longer. so yeah, +rep but probably for trial admin. I would like to see you as an admin and succeed, however I still am worried about some favoritism and just mlg shit in general. either way gl on ur app, hope to see u as a cyan man soon
  8. cookie clicker is pretty fun. seriously tho its 3 years, and if he never even sought to gain an advantage because its just a clicker for another game he played i think he has served his time. +rep
  9. +rep really nice to have on the server, with this being your 3rd app im pretty sure you have taken a lot of feedback on the previous ones and honestly i think you would be a great jb super. gl bro hope you get it.
  10. honestly don't see a reason not to have this, it would prob improve pop (even for 10 mins) and would be a fun incentive for people to get on jb more often.
  11. colinkr


    currently it really isn't with some cts being more strict, and everyone wanting to hunt for streetcred its actually pretty difficult to get a good amount of sc when there are a lot of people looking for the same thing. raffles would just make the problem worse.
  12. colinkr


    this is just another way for gangs to scam people, think about it. you enter a sc raffle after grinding a few hundred out (and yes i mean grind as you dont get sc for just being on the server, unlike credits) you try to get some sc to create a gang, but then a whole gang enters the raffle making your odds really low to win, as they deposited like 1.5k do you really think thats fair? also people like @Sixredfish complain about losing regular raffles of 500 a lot (no offense or anything) but do you really want people shitting the bed on lost streetcred?

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