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  1. hbd qt

  2. HBD movie masta!:cooldoge:

  3. hbd rat

  4. hbd colin 

  5. hbd colin :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  6. holy shit man, ive known you for what feels like an eternity. glad we met and glad were both here after slayers :) hella excited for the things ur gonna release in the future.
  7. fuck man they really let a mac and laptop gamer become senior, who the fuck is making these decisions. i kid, of course. congrats man. well deserved
  8. don't really think this is a bug, what harm is reporting more data than advertised do?
  9. just a heads up, you can edit your original post so you don’t reply to every single post individually, helps keep clutter out
  10. neutral. looks like a good well constructed appeal that has more than 1 second of effort put into it, that being said i feel like cheating on a kz server to give yourself an obvious advantage over others is a dick move. either way, you seem genuine on the appeal but cheating is pretty easy not to do in the first place. gl on ur appeal tho
  11. hbd mac gamer

  12. mg also kz, ttt, jb, awp, deathrun, 1v1. but mostly mg
    ruined one of my favorite songs. also posted by an eboy.
  13. colinkr

    Who am I?

    whalecum 2 forums :)
  14. huge +rep for my man, he has been on jb basically every second there is pop on and definitely knows the rules and the ins and outs of the server in general. also as an added benefit of being on almost 24/7 he’s really close with the community and would do an exceptional job at listening to the needs and wants of the players, helping give the server more life than it has had recently, with noodles being promoted. setting aside jb specific stuff, spooky is in general just a really nice dude to hang out and talk to, and more recently i’ve seen him mature a lot, with him getting jb super etc... if he applied a month ago i would have been iffy on if he was ready enough to be op, but now i’m 100% confident in him, and let me be clear it’s really hard to improve that much within a month. tldr ; mega +rep. active, friendly and ready for op.

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