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  1. dude... how could you partake in a mass RDM like that? it was a trap... a horrible trap :(

  2. +rep really chill dude who tries to pop the DR server despite no one being On, and even going staying on for hours by yourself just to get at least on person. Would make a good admin, however you do have some attitude issues you could fix but other than that you would make a great admin.
  3. Like I said about serenity. Second chance is deserved and both must have matured and know not repeat their past mistakes. +rep
  4. +rep Despite me not being in the community 2 years ago, I belive that everyone deserves a second chance. Two years is more than enough time for someone to mature and to learn from their mistakes. Plus seeing new old members of this community coming back wouldn't really hurt as most servers need pop and could potentially get friends on.
  5. Kakashi

    RTX 30'S

    I'm really hyped for the 3070 but I'm taking it with a bit of a grain, as they could just be using it for marketing purposes. If it does I will be buying one when I upgrade my PC in 1-2 years time aswell as my CPU (hoping ryzen 4th gen is out by then)
  6. +rep man is a very nice guy and easy to get along with good luck (:
  7. ayy if i win i need that wildfire :)
  8. -rep is a very Nazi admin and enforces rules on people who are trying to have a fun time and can't really catch when peolpe say something sarcastic.
  9. Kakashi

    Im asian :)

    hi asian :). im dad :) congrats man
  10. Let's Go baby hope i win :)
  11. Oh and someone from each team could stream it ;D
  12. Would be very cool if this could happen. Some suggestions i would do is make a google doc or something with a max of 20-30 and set up the groups that way. Because otherwise we wouldn't be able to tell which group has which people and if the event team actually go on with this please do hit me up. I want to be apart of this as it is fun as hell.

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