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  1. I joined GayZ maybe like a couple of days ago but I don't pay attention to chat. I will not lie and say I haven't seen what they post but I'm really not to interested in what they decide to talk about on the daily, or read into each message to actually understand what happened. I see now that this is a subject not to be taken lightly, and hope that my relationship with sng, the discord, and you can be restored. Sorry, and thanks. @Xeno
  2. In-Game Name: ABASHED Steam ID: 76561198355838902 Name of the Admin that punished you: Diam0ndz Reason why you got punished: making a meme about shungite Length of your punishment: complete ban from sng discord Reason why the punishment should be lifted: The meme was not meant to be spreading drama, rather just in good fun. I had no reason to make Xeno look bad, rather just post a picture that I thought was funny. I truly don't understand the reason as to why it is such a big thing, all I heard was just the word was attached to Xeno in some way with no real context as to what the background story was. I respectfully apologize and will make sure it will not happen again.
  3. Trash thanks to you, bobcat hit a no crouch red followed by combos
  4. Happy Birthday Chickey, Can't believe your 12 !?!? Make it a great one dude. #WarmFrostedFlakes

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