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  1. W1LL

    Hi I;m Fongle

    Welcome to the forums Mr. Fongle
  2. @Noodlesssss @colin @Toelu @saltymeatballs
  3. Player Name W1LL Steam ID 76561199043450354 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199043450354 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 13 Admin Recommendations Noodlesss, colin, toe, saltymeatballs Why would you be a good admin? Hello SNG community. I am pretty consistent on being active on the servers of SNG mainly on AWP,Jailbreak, TTT, and MG. Furthermore, I know most of the people and members that have good history and are fun to play with who play on the AWP,Jailbreak, TTT, and MG server . I believe that with my consistency on playing these servers would help the times when the servers are less populated with people or there is no admins on, when there someone who is rule-breaking somehow on the servers. I think I am well known on all servers where I can have a fun time and a good relationship with the people and members who are constantly playing on the servers. Thank you for reading! Primary Server JB Secondary Servers TTT, AWP, MG Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  4. +rep chill and changing up the map pool for new potential maps
  5. +rep Sunless or sunman is a good guy in general and has experience I think he is well fit for operator.
  6. W1LL

    hello im trump

    Congrats Mr. Noodless, u deserve it
  7. For Christmas, I want a new pc. My dream skin is a deagle Blaze And the Best Sng server is of course ttt.
  8. I like ttt Jen, he's just overall a nice guy in general and playing with him just changes the server to a happier environment.
  9. +rep toelu is a friendly guy overall, I played with him multiple times and never had issues with him before.
  10. W1LL

    Cya homies

    Cya Sir I wish you the best in life
  11. +rep I've seen him on deathrun multiple times, and overall is a nice guy in general
  12. Welcome Back! You should try out every server SNG has to offer, in my opinion they're all great and enjoyable.

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