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boss man

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  1. ez robux poggars 2012 gang
  2. 1.new pc parts 2. blue gem ak47 fac new 3. favorite server was late 2017 jb, just had a consistent number of 20 players on most of the time and was actually enjoyable
  3. +rep first person i really knew on sng and would be great operator, also longstreet
  4. +rep good dude, definitely reformed and would be a good addition to the community
  5. cocaine dreams- youngopb
  6. boss man

    giveaway time

    playing fortnite
  7. allah will praise me when i get the usp
  8. i always saw them and i never knew how to get them, would love to see them come back
  9. i heard of this from syke and many other people thought that it should be a thing so i thought i might as well make it a suggestion. there should be fortnite ( or other ) emotes that people can buy and earn through doing basic things that happen in jb. for instance, killing warden more than 5 times in a map unlocks an emote, etc. there should also be emotes that only vip can get with credits or earning them like normal players.

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