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  1. Wow, that is sad to hear it is really sad that you got denied my good friend Nak. I hope I get to see you reapply soon and get the position of Server admin. Like you wanted!
  2. Congratulations, you keep on ranking up.
  3. Good moves, I really wanna see what you have planned more for us.
  4. Greninja Tyranitar Charizard Pikachu edit: yo wooper y u hatin
  5. +rep Founder of MLG clan, and was admin at Tango
  6. +rep Realest dude I've met in Tango, feel like he can improve and be better, let him free
  7. +rep won't cause problems again
  8. +rep Lived up to his name, one of the best poppers of SNG, unban the man
  9. Jailbreak barely pops, ever since it was fun in the past, I would gladly like to take back the OG Jailbreak. After a few minutes, everyone just disappears, than it's left to rot for a whole month. Although events could help, it won't pop the server fully for another week. The only servers that are getting attention are KZ Climb and AWP. If we added more items into the JB shop and actually had fixed a lot of the bugs, it could've actually ended up having a huge fan base like EGO. It's just that we keep acting stupid and making dumb decisions. I'm down to participate any event that involves