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  1. He just called us broke in 6 different languages.
  2. that shit gonna be hella fire goddamn
  3. You literally just posted twice.
  4. I don't feel like answering this question
  5. But heres the catch, do it in a wheelchair.
  6. Not much effort was put into this ban appeal but I can understand that you've learned from your mistakes. Everyone should have an second chance to make it fair for other people, +Rep. Good Luck
  7. Neutral, I've recognized you a few times but you should've known that you do not kill people during a freeday when a warden is dead. You claimed that you've read rules before going on guard so you should've known this was something you should not do. You really seem to want to get on CT/Guard and I respect that. I'mma have to leave this up to the people and see what there feedback on you is.
  8. +Rep, even though I don't recognize this person he at least put some time and effort into coming back, he seems very apologetic. Just because someone said a word of "ddos" doesn't mean they won't change. He had the nerve to make a forums account and wants to come back after 9 months, this seems like he re-evaluates his decisions and really seems like a deeply nice guy. Respect for doing this! Hope you get out of the mud, brother.
  9. Don't know if it actually is him or not. There's been another ban appeal in the forums that was similar but for being toxic, this one also tends to have been banned for 3 years. 50/50 chance it might be him but the new recent post got me thinking.
  10. He be switching up in that honda civic
  11. I'm very happy to congratulate you on your success, hope you can work your way up.
  12. FrostyHearts <3

    kz or jb

    -rep, I don't think you have the basic knowings of using your own admin powers.
  13. I don't really see you much on the server but you're a relaxing and nice person to encounter with once you're on. Since you aren't really that much active to me I'mma have to give this a Neutral


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    I like SNG, pretty cool server. One of my favorite Jailbreak servers to play on than any other server.
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