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FrostyHearts <3

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    United States
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    I like SNG, pretty cool server. One of my favorite Jailbreak servers to play on than any other server.
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    KZ Climb

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  1. Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
  2. ty mane, the whole mlg gang was litty fire ass video btw
  3. Frosty's 2ND Giveaway Hey y'all, I know you're bored and sitting down in your chair waiting to receive some credits by waiting but you can get some luck to get up to "3000 CREDITS" and a bonus of "300 STREET CRED" for Jailbreak! Q: What you need to do to take part / join the giveaway! A: You must make a comment or post in this Giveaway below with this Emoji ! This Emoji is called HYPERS, and if you don't use this Emoji than you're not qualified to participate in the Giveaway, so please use the Emoji if you're willing to join the Giveaway. You can put anything down in the comments just include the Emoji. After you've done all of this you're willing to participate in my "2ND GIVEAWAY!". This we'll be a fun one . Q: Where do I receive my credits? A: You'll receive your credits & street cred in Jailbreak and should be met at deadline which is August 12, 2020. 6 days from here. I'll be staying at Jailbreak for a few hours until you claim your prize which is in the deadline. Q: What happens if I don't come to get my credits? A: I'm sorry but if you don't show up at the deadline at all, I'm going to have to pick another participant randomly through the wheel and if it hits you again than I'll extend the time to tomorrow of the deadline. Q: How'll you randomly pick or choose the participants? A: I'll use the wheel, spin it, and whoever gets picked first will get the prize. Here's the twist though, there's gonna be a few challenges in there. Q: Why'd you do this giveaway? A: Since I'm fine with everything I have, street cred is not much of good use for me instead of depositing it in gangs but I'm giving a chance to have someone level up there gang to make it towards the Top 10s. Credits is something useless since I already have all of my equipment from the shop and there's not much to do with the credits but I heard they will put more stuff in the shop soon and I'll feel free for someone to save up and get something new. If you have anymore questions, I'll answer them in Discord since I'm not supposed to forum spam, I'll DM towards you. My discord is ꜰʀᴏꜱᴛ [i cri everytiem]#3966 Deadline ends at 8/12/2020 or August 12, 2020. Anyways, have fun boys & girls, and you should always have a great time up in S N G. Good luck to everyone. - Frosty
  4. +rep Could do good things for the server, always active, and he's a well-known player. He's not as toxic as much as most of the players in SNG (including me). Even though he's toxic sometimes towards me, I think he has a good spirit. I hope you make it up there man! Good person that makes up with the Server Admin Team. GL
  5. Congratulations, you gave me my 2,000th reputation point, how lucky can you get?? :)

  6. +rep He's a good little muffin, he was an active player, and I don't see much problem in him.
  7. +rep He the actual goat. Has been a Tango admin before
    thats cool man, your very cool dude
  8. I just sit down & play some video games, nothing much.
  9. From the pictures I think this is gonna be a good map for me. I'm interested already. Good job!
  10. It just gives me a good memory of beating the last boss and after all those times wasted you feel like a champ, the vibe that brings overall the confidence in you. Very aesthetic vibe.
  11. +rep Was active and kind and its been a few days or weeks so why not free him.

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