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  1. +rep dylan super cool guy i don't think he needs banned anymore at all! good luck big dog welcome back to the servers soon
  2. +rep free ocean man what did he do anyways ? i can not even remember i think he is innocent!
  3. Very nice classes coom man. I'm doing in school and taking Spanish 4 and 5, AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Calc BC, and two filler computer classes. Good luck everybody
  4. LMFAO Nah for real though -rep bc you were kinda annoying and you made your appeal in about 30 seconds
  5. +rep Colin you got server admin right around the time I joined the SNG community, and I've had plenty of great experiences while you were on. I think you're a great admin, but I think sometimes you get annoyed a little too easily and come across as toxic. I think you can come across as intimidating at times for new players, even though you aren't meaning to be. Regardless, I think you would do a great job as op (RIP @Sixredfish ily). Good luck with your app brother P.S. I was hoping for jb colin this is very sad!
  6. very nice dylan free oceanman he did nothing wrong @colinkr he did nothing wrong! rip cortex very sad
  7. +rep great dude and very mature for his age good luck!
  8. Congrats m8 While that's very cool I think everyone can agree that there's no beating Shrek green
  9. jooqs

    Selfie Topic

    who wants to 1v1 me in basketball i will dunk on you i'm 6'4 huaheauhea
  10. I really like it because it makes ttt a lot more fun when I've been inno for 8 rounds in a row
  11. +rep Will is a great kid and is extremely mature for his age. I can definitely see him being a successful admin due to his willingness to help others. Good luck man I really hope you're accepted
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