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  1. poggers models are now counted as antiaim
  2. +rep ngl hes actually pretty good thoe
  3. yikes i have the most broke and most sorry desk here. i havent cleaned it in a MILLENIA
  4. @wooper HE SUNG POMF POMF lkjhaskjhsadsdaskdhg
  5. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK -rep No effort at all. A bunch of errors. No steam id. This is just all over the place. Try harder next time and dont be a dick about it.
  6. If smac banned im sure you were bhopping. Heres a tip. DONT LIE , It worked for me when i was banned by macrodox and appealed. Truth is the only option. You should try it.
  7. Holy fuck dude? thats some real dedication man. To be honest i havent been here as long but thats incredible. hopefully we get to see that map soon! Keep yourself motivated and hardworking.