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joe habla ingles

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  1. As this rate nothing can hurt, the servers are dying as the majority of sng have 0 people on them. I would like to hear your suggestions if you have some.
  2. I understand your comments and recommendations. As I am hearing, there should be a limit on coinflip. Maybe daily drops is the way to go and cf should stay out of the question.
  3. I come from a long list of other JB servers and the majority has coinflip or daily. I believe these are two good ideas that can only benefit the server. Daily is just an easy 10-30 credits and coinflip can be fun to challenge your friends a high amount of tokens. This is solely for credits and not streetcred. Lmk what you guys think.
  4. I said something 2 times leading up to the gag on that map.
  5. I accept your apology as I am sorry for disturbing the server. You do not have to slay yourself as I should've went along my night as mistakes happen. Hope we can pass this and get along as buddies. therefor, please put this to resolved. :)
  6. M17 should read the rules, fuck himself, go back to tf2, and promote Salty because he is the only responsible admin you have hired that I've encountered.
  7. You're right its not that big of a deal, but M17 drug it on. Ever since me getting unbanned, this guy acted like he had a fucking issue with me. He constantly a bitch and talks over me when I'm warden and is the reason I was so toxic in that fiasco. The only person who acted like a real admin in that situation was Salty. And you contradicted your own words. That was the only time I actually used admin chat for something important and useful, and get punished for it. Toe and M17 are the reason the servers are dying and nobody gives a fuck bout it.
  8. 1) Admin's in game name(s) - M17 2) Steam ID(s) of reported admin(s) - STEAM_0:0:82252825 3) Reason for report being made - The warden, Bucket, made an order of "freeze crouch knife the ground." M17 proceeds to look at me, and not knife. I kill him for it. He slays me and then I proceed to ask about it in admin chat. Then Toe gags me for it. Every admin tells me admin chat is strictly for slays, cheating, or rules being broken among the server. I just want M17 to be warned. Edit: You can hear M17 say he was knifing when he clearly wasn't https://medal.tv/clips/25165343/d1337uvk11n9
  9. Daddy's money . Lol jk, nice setup man. Don't rage tho, that shit gun shatter.
  10. I am not retarded. I know what ghosting is, they were in a fucking discord call u mongral
  11. There was favortism bc the other person was ghosting.
  12. He didn't 'suspect' anyone. He just didn't want to die. All of the T's were in main cell block.
  13. Close this. Said the first one couldn't be posted, reason for duplicate.

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