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  1. OMG I forgot about MG and I had no idea that there was a 1v1 server
  2. Hey people what is your favorite SNG server. Mine has to be ttt or awp, but I am starting to like kz more. Kz is interesting because it almost always provides a new challenge for me on every map. TTT is amazing because I get to play and have fun with some of my favorite people in the community. AWP is good as well. Please tell me what yours are I actually want to know. No idea why I made this just wanted to know a little more about the community I guess.
  3. Fongle


    Any one want to talk about there favorite anime's? Mine right now has to be one piece but my favorite of all time The Future Diary.
  4. Well i haven't played cs for a long time but one I joined these servers I fell in love with the game for exp.within the past two weeks I know I have gotten more than 120 hours. I have had an amazing time on the jb server then i found ttt and awp and, kz even though i am not very good at it I will keep playing i know i will keep getting better. With all these options they just give me more things to entertain my self during summer and this corona stuff. But all that aside my name Fongle and I like jb and you tube stuff and the Farcry games. I also know not well but I kind of know them. @colin @Samy uh who else... @Toelu @Bork Bork Doggo @Sunless But ya so that was me and ya.

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