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  2. Mine is DR cuz I get to make little shitheads mad like @mystogan
  3. That space movie from 1992
  4. The streets wanted more events, you listened
  5. +rep He knows how to shoot da awp❗❗❗
  6. Points are way better than I thought they'd be tbh. I actually have a reason to keep on running or go for world record, before that deathrun would get so fucking boring
  7. Team Name: Sweaty Nuts Gaming (S.N.G.) Captain: @BigAuguMan | STEAM_1:0:562519233 | "YES" Other Player: @Freezy | STEAM_1:0:165670970 Sub: @yeetusthefeetus | STEAM_0:1:156495563
  8. I will beat your cheeks in the tourney
  9. wow nice post and complaint I'm with u. they should ban the mean mystogan guy

  10. Can we just ban him already?

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    2. RealBox


      how about making a suggestion  on the forums

    3. BigAuguMan


      Yeah but which forum can I do that on

    4. RealBox


      suggestion forum or suggestion tracker 

  11. Alright, A player that frequents the servers (Mystogan), has been openly racist and sometimes homophobic on the servers, most of the time on TTT and Deathrun, even other players and I have tried to get him to shut up he keeps typing racial and homophobic slurs. According to mystogan, being racist isn't against the rules but being toxic is, how can I be muted for toxicity but he is able to be blatantly racist, why can't I play sounds on my fucking sounboard but he can say racial slurs, why don't the admins do anything against him but are quick to jump on people like me with soundboards? Is raci
  12. In-Game Name: BigAuguMan Steam ID: 0:544495396 1:36:45 85 0 Name of the Admin that punished you: Rawr Reason why you got punished: I played a fucking fart sound and he muted me Length of your punishment: 30 minutes Reason why the punishment should be lifted: IT was a single fucking fart sound, not mic spam, not anything bad, he just didn't like it, wasn't even very loud
  13. Add flashlights to the servers that you can use by pressing the "F" key, can be very helpful on many maps as visibility can get extremely hampered by the dark and can cause you to get lost many times. Would preferably be added to TTT and Deathrun