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  1. did twinplayz get unbanned. he was the best admin, he better be unbanned
  2. +rep always helping out the new players, always on, and a great player including that he's in speed gl man
  3. eew right hand use left. BindToggle b cl_righthand 0 good shots tho
  4. Ozwald please stop

    1. 『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan


      lol names not oswald and stop what?


    2. RealBox


      Jonathan Oswald please don't yell at me!!!!!!

  5. +rep is very caring for the people and is slowly getting more envoled with the dr community. gl man
  6. congrats on getting unbanned :)

    1. Xanny


      Im not unbanned

    2. 『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan


      damn i thought u were cause i don't see "BANNED" anymore

      well gl

  7. +rep thought this man was already admin cause how good he handles the people. he helps the new players such as me. gl man
  8. +rep very fit for the job and was past op and super so he obviously knows the rules and the people gl man
  9. glad to see ur new owner. can't wait for all the other stuff u have in store. keep it up
  10. ok sorry and i will wait till after the val and events to ask for a dr event. once again sorry and ill wait. thanks for understanding and helping me.
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