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  1. +rep been on forever and really nice, helps out a lot
  2. +rep hes has been on sng for 4-3 years, he's been active recently and was super for dr and ttt
  3. +rep used to be senior admin he deserves it but he acts really gay so be careful around him
  4. +rep mans cracked at dr and always helps new players. he deserves it. DIAMONDZ HE BETTER GET IT!! IM WARNING U
  5. did twinplayz get unbanned. he was the best admin, he better be unbanned
  6. +rep always helping out the new players, always on, and a great player including that he's in speed gl man
  7. eew right hand use left. BindToggle b cl_righthand 0 good shots tho
  8. Ozwald please stop

    1. 『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan


      lol names not oswald and stop what?


    2. RealBox


      Jonathan Oswald please don't yell at me!!!!!!