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  1. i would like to say although he is my brother this only stands for him not me
  2. scribble.io seems pretty fun with some other people especially with some other sng people it will be fun.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY although idk who you are lol

  4. idk i think +rep haven't played much with him but from what i heard and from the little time i've played with him i think he is ready so def +rep gl
  5. sorry wrong picture here's the right one
  6. i got no credits so why now (oldkid13245)
  7. oh um nvm mind someone already did this um can i delete this topic?
  8. I have been playing death run for a while and whenever I reach some darker parts in a map I can't see where I'm jumping and I know some people probably feel the same it just makes it less fun so please add a flashlight.
  9. Hey i'm old kid i have been playing csgo for a while and i just joined forums. im excited to connect with the community.
  10. i had a jar and took my time writing names down i knew someone was gonna say that though it was fair just a coincidence
  11. thanks warden flamethrower i'm not intending to spam through.
  12. noodless thanks you this is the only way i could get all the admins to know.
  13. i'm going for admin soon i need some more forum posts and recommendations for admin i got brodie to recommend me and i was just about to ask you
  14. i know it is a small topic but like i said it's a rule and needs to be enforced
  15. this is just a simple giveaway chat to enter i will draw a winner tomorrow (only one winner) give me your csgo name in you reply so i can give you credits.
  16. Many people leave T because they don't like being T there are usually not admins on DR so there's nothing Admins can do about it. i'm not an admin myself but i hope i can encourage some admins to play some dr im not trying to force someone to play something you do not have to but i hope you can. me not being an admin all i can do is hope some admins can fix this problem (i know switching off of T is not that big of a deal but it is still a rule so i hope some admins can play some more and enforce that rule.)