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  1. "In my future diary
    I can see us flying free
    But you got school and family
    You got real shit happening
    I got shit I'm battling
    Gettin' pulled down like gravity
    I just want more time with you
    But it's okay, I'll lie to you."

      future diary

    1. Oceanman


      this is deep @Awaffle

    2. Awaffle


      the og is back


  2. Thanks. And I shifted owner-ship to you@Awaffle
  3. So ya know... I'M BACK! Uh... not sure what else to say.
  4. Congrats on Super Admin man.

  5. |==========|

  6. @Bucket I use the Razer Blackshark V2 X Gaming Headset. Also, @Awaffle I have to disagree with you there. Now looking back on it I don't think I was ready for Admin on any SNG server. And @Oceanman. Nobody really knows where they're going untill they get there.
  7. Hello, SNG. I am sad to announce that I will be leaving the SNG community next week. First of all, this is not because of the people of the community or their beliefs, I just don't play CSGO anymore and there is really no reason to be taking up room on the servers. Thank you all for the amazing experience! I would also like to thank @Brodie.R. for mentoring me on DR, and over all, just being a good person and friend. I close the curtain with this final quote: Again. Thank you, and good night. Oh @dylan is (still) scared of ladders.
  8. One day
    In the middle of class,
    While everyone was working,
    My eyes filled up with tears,
    Because I knew that they were thinking
    About friends or what's happening after school.
    But all I could think about was how I'd much rather
    Be on top of the building about to jump...

    1. Oceanman



  9. Though I haven't the slightest idea of who you are, Wooper's comment says that you played DR so I hope you can at least see the revival of the server (If there will be one). So, to my fellow DR-er I leave you with this: "Goodnight Goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be 'morrow" -William Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet Act II, scene III.
  10. 1. Chocolate. 2. Yes, I LOVE horror movies my favorite, although quite cheesy, is The Shining. 3. Definitely sunsets. (Although both are quite beautiful here in Colorado.)
  11. 1. Surprisingly enough no celeb crushes. 2.Yes, however, they were quite minor crimes such as: illegal U-turns etc. 3. Not easy to make me laugh, however, when I do laugh I usually laugh at some dumb joke my sister makes to get me to laugh just so she would shut up.
  12. 1. No, I don't snore. 2. Pepperoni. 3. My greatest fear is being alone.
  13. 1. Waffle. 2. No allergies. 3. I am a fucking aircraft mechanic (In training)... Yea I'm pretty organized.
  14. "Hip hop died, it's full of guys who cannot even rap (facts)
    Media dividing us by colors, white or black (facts)
    If you believe in Jesus, these days Christians get attacked (facts)
    If you don't hate police then everybody thinks you're wack

    And everything's so connected
    Black Lives Matter got so aggressive
    White folks who agree can't support the message
    Both sides go to war 'cause they don't respect it
    Our social climate from the global tension
    Turned to total violence and a whole depression
    We could unify and then all go against them
    But we let 'em divide us with votes and elections

    (Ay) the music we bump
    All about shooting guns and doing drugs
    (Ay, whoa) the things that we want
    Are promoted subliminally through the songs like
    You need a fast car, you need designer clothes
    You need a rap star
    To tell you to start popping pills
    Hit the blunt and go live at the club till you're broke
    It's all controlled by the elites
    Put fake news all over our screens
    Convincing the right to go fight with the left
    And distract from the fact it's each other we need, uh
    Divided by race and religion
    Segregated into teams, uh
    You're a white supremacists
    If you're not, I guess you Antifa

    Screaming from the rooftops, beatdown, battered
    Turned us on each other, now no lives matter
    If we do what the news wants, blood gon' splatter
    Turn us on each other till no lives matter

    Freedom's dead, if you have an opinion, take it back (facts)
    People hate the president, if you don't then you trash (facts)
    Indoctrinate the nation using news and mainstream rap (facts)
    The government abuses us, it's all part of the plan (facts)

    And it's so confusing
    Black Lives Matter is a valuable movement
    But All Lives Matter ain't racist or stupid
    It's non-black humans who don't feel included
    All colors fall under laws that govern
    The whole country and we all suffer
    We're all broke and nobody recovers
    Until we accept that we're all brothers"


    -Tom Macdonald.